Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 3 August 2022 written update

Kabir authorized the name. Yuvraj surmises the name that Mei Chup Nahi Rahungi. Katha says you got it accurately I won’t stay silent. Yuvraj gets strained. Kabir and Kishore say thanks to him for causing them to get a point. Yash and Deepa inquire as to why she gave a basic name to him. Yuvraj leaves saying he has work. Katha figures he can’t escape for a really long time. She feels mixed up. Kabir makes her sit. Kishore says in this present circumstance fasting isn’t great. Neelam asks what circumstance. Kishore figures out how to say what is going on a result of marriage. Kabir requests that she drink squeeze yet denies it. Madhu lets Manju know that won’t she feel dubious as she is continuously feeling mixed up. Manju says she is new here so it requires some investment for her.

Tony and Bhushan say Katha won’t leave him. Yuvraj says she stood up to me and I told her that I don’t have any acquaintance with her. Tony says she won’t keep mentally collected for long as she gave an admonition to you in the game. Savitri inquires as to whether she is fine. Katha says she is fine and tells her she wants some natural air so she will go out for a walk. Kabir says he will take her. Katha figures she can’t go up against Yuvraj in presence of Kabir so she requests that Deepa go with her. Deepa concurs. Kishore requests that Kabir not take the pressure.

Tony inquires as to whether he can mislead Kabir moreover. He requests that Yuvraj apologize to Katha. Yuvraj says he can’t confront her. Tony inquires as to whether he is terrified. Yuvraj says he is terrified and inquires as to whether he is blissful. Katha asks what his identity is terrified of. They feel tense seeing her. Deepa says it tends to be these two as Yuvraj can’t be terrified and he won’t show it. Katha says seems like he won’t show it. She says assuming they are his companions. Deepa says these 3 are together since adolescence. Katha inquires as to why she believes she saw them someplace. They say she might see them in marriage. Katha says she didn’t meet Yuvraj in marriage then how might she see them in marriage?

Deepa says Katha is taking a decent class. She requests that Yuvraj acquaint his companions with Katha. He presents them. Katha sees Bhushan’s coat and expresses it’s from Nainital, right? As I recollected that it has a place there. Bhushan says it’s not. Katha moves about it and advises him to really look at the name. Deepa checks the mark and tells it has a place with Nainital. Bhushan uncovers Yuvraj gifted him. Katha inquires as to whether he went to Nainital. Yuvraj says he never visited Nainital and requested it on the web. Deepa inquires as to why he requested it online Manju calls them inside for Saavan. Yuvraj requests that they head inside and leave. Yash sees Yuvraj rush and thinks he is concealing some confidential.

Women dance for pretty much nothing. Katha additionally goes along with them. The visitor says Savitri got a lovely little girl in regulation. They let Katha know that she is fortunate. Women request that they cause Katha to sit in a tune. Deepa and Manju cause her to sit and gradually pushes the swing. Deepa asks Katha where she lost. Katha asks if didn’t anybody go to Nainital. Deepa says Kabir and their mother went. At the point when they were a kid she went. Katha inquires as to whether didn’t Yuvraj go to Nainital.

Deepa says he goes with his companions constantly we don’t have any idea where he goes. Yet, conceals nothing from Kabir. Katha thinks Yuvaraj is stowing away from them a ton and even from Kabir too. Neelam requests that Gunjan conceal her sentiments. Deepa and Manju go to move to their main tune that time Gunjan pushes the swing cruelly. It shows Katha is going to fall.