Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 11th March 2023 Written Update

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 11th March 2023 Written Update, Amba saying to Raichand’s family that she will allow Chithra to visit her family again if they apologize to her. It’s Holi day. Everyone will forgive their enemy too on this day. Amba says to Chithra that they are showing their ego. Let’s worship Milapini Devi and leave. Dev asks Vidhi what’s going on here? Vidhi informs him that it’s true she invited Chithra to attend the Holi celebration but she isn’t aware of Amba’s condition. Dhamayanthi says that Vidhi is humiliating them in front of everyone.

Vidhi says to Dev that they are doing it for Chithra’s sake. She is our asset. It is important to apologise to them for getting back Chithra. She is feeling alone in her house. She is missing her mom and brothers. Vidhi says to them that they are ready to do anything for her. Let’s do it for Chithra’s sake. Vidhi requests everyone to apologise to her for her sake. Amba says to Chithra that they are still discussing it. Chithra isn’t important to them, it seems. She was ready to forgive them though Raichand was not giving heed to her words. Amba, about to leave Vidhi, stops her.

Satyavati apologizes to Amba on behalf of Raichand’s family. She asks her to forget the past on this Holi day. Dev says to her that Chithra is Raichand’s family’s daughter. She is everything to them. Satyavati adds that she was right. They will forgive their enemies on this Holi day. Satyavati applies colors to Amba and Chithra. Amba applies colors on Satyavati. Dev apologizes to Amba if her family get offended by his act. She applies colors to Dev.

Amba says to Chithra that she is allowing her to meet her family. Chithra hugs her family and expresses her happiness. Amba notices that Vidhi is standing alone. Amba asks Vidhi how she is feeling as a mom? Becoming a mom is a wonderful thing. She mentions 1988. Vidhi recalls Dev’s words and thanks Amba. She had to thank Amba for making her bond strong with Dev. She thanks her for bringing Chithra here.

Amba thinks that Raichand is smiling in front of her. But they are going to cry asap. Later, Dhamayanthi asks Satyavati. What’s this? Satyavati says to her that she is going to do a ritual today. She narrates the rituals with Priya. She says that they used to give these jewels and clothes to their elder daughter-in-law.

Meanwhile, Yogesh says to Amba, when they get Raichand’s sign in this file, they will be under their control. Amba says to him that her desire is fulfilled after she comes here. Yogesh says to Amba that they are taking the risks together. He asks him to divide the shares. How much profit will he get from it? Later, Priya says to Satyavati that she hasn’t done any rituals for her like that yet. Satyavati says to her that her elder daughter-in-law has to do it.

Dhamayanthi says that she shouldn’t show partiality in between her daughters-in-law. Abhimanyu asks her to confirm whether she is a daughter in law of this house or not? Satyavati asks him not to ruin this day. Abhimanyu adds that she doesn’t deserve it all. Amba says to Yogesh that they are just taking their first place. Let’s divide the shares after they win it.

Whatever belongs to her is his. Satyavati asks Dev to make Vidhi wear it. Meanwhile, Kanika lashes out at Yogesh and Amba for plotting against Raichand’s family in her house. Yogesh says that she has no right to insult his guest. Kanika says that he was changed because of Amba. Yogesh slaps Kanika in anger. Kanika complaints that he slapped her for Amba. Dhamayanthi badmouthing Vidhi. Dev takes a stand for Vidhi.

Precap; Kanika will contact Dev and scold him for not receiving her call. Dev will ask her what’s the matter. Kanika will tell him that she shares everything in a person. Dev will ask her to meet him at his house. Kanika will meet with an accident.