Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 13th March 2023 Written Update

Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 13th March 2023 Written Update, Dev supporting Vidhi. He says to Dhamayanthi that Vidhi is the elder daughter-in-law of this house. She has all the rights to get respect. If you need respect, first learn to give respect. He doesn’t want to talk like this to her and he has no option. If he fails to say it, then she may not understand it. Satyavati stops Dev and completes the rituals. Later, Kanika says to Yogesh, it’s enough. She can’t see him plotting against Dev in her house. She needs a divorce from him. Yogesh is ready to give her divorce. Kanika warns him that she will expose him in front of Dev. She will share with him that Amba and Yogesh are betraying him.

Meanwhile, Vidhi says to Dev that he shouldn’t have talked like that with Dhamayanthi. Dev asks her to leave it. Dev notices Vidhi, who has placed his diary back in the drawer. Dev asks her if she doesn’t want to read this 1988 diary. Vidhi denies it. Dev tells her that he has been blackout for two days. He has no idea what happened on those days. What if some crime happened that day? Vidhi says to him that it doesn’t matter to her what happened on that day. She reads his current diary and makes fun of him. Dev asks her to stop mentioning him as Sir. Vidhi says to him that she doesn’t care about those two days which he forgot. She was happy when she apologized for Chithra’s sake. Dev and Vidhi spend quality time with each other.

Kanika thinks that whatever is happening in Raichand’s company is wrong. She has to alert Dev about it. Yogesh and Amba aren’t doing well. Kanika calls Dev but he isn’t attending the call. He notices her call. Kanika informs Dev that he has to concentrate on his company. Nothing is going right there. She is able to say this to him now. She advises him to concentrate on his business. Something is wrong in his office. She asks him to meet her. He suggested her meet him at home. Kanika meets with an accident. Amba says to Yogesh that the problem is over. Later, Vidhi notices Dev sleeping on the table.

She gives coffee to Dev. Dev thanked her for understanding him. Dev was reminded of Kanika’s words. He inquires Vidhi if she found anything wrong in the accounts when she was working for our company. Vidhi informs him that she found something strange. She even informed Dev about it. Vidhi says that he didn’t notice his card was blocked because they were on honeymoon. She shares with him how she informed Yogesh but he doesn’t give heed to her. Dev reminds us the way Yogesh has amounted to Priya. He says to her that Yogesh was his close friend. He was treating him like his family. Vidhi says to him that it’s not wrong to cross check the files. He shouldn’t trust Yogesh blindly. Even Divya talked with Abhimanyu about it but he ignored it. She advises him to be careful with money. It’s better to talk with him once.

Dev calls Yogesh and inquires him where Kanika is? Yogesh says to him that Kanika met with an accident. She is alright with nothing to worry about. She was taking a rest. Later, Priya says to Dhamayanthi that both Abhimanyu and Dev have been in Satyavati’s room since morning. She doesn’t know what is going on there. Dhamayanthi tells her that she will check it. Dev informs Abhimanyu and Satyavati that 1500 crores is missing from the office account. Dhamayanthi overhears their conversation. Satyavati scolds her for it. Dev asks Abhimanyu to be careful in this matter. Abhimanyu says that he will handle this. Satyavati was disappointed with his attitude.

Precap; Satyavati will inform Priya that she has given family responsibilities to her. Satyavati will ask Priya to handover all the responsibility to Vidhi. She will manage everything better than her.