Naagin 5 23 January 2021 written update – Veer meet Rani

At the beginning of the episode, before Pandit Ji can meet Bani. Jay and Ponky grab him. They hold his mouth so that he stays silent. Then both try to harm him. Bani hears bin voice. She follows that voice. Jay is also behind that voice. Bani notice sapera baba’s bin. She then sees baba. He is already dead. Bani feels sorry for him. There Veer thinks to participate in the bike race. While Bani comes to him. She asks him to come with her as she wants to show him baba’s dead body so that he can help her. But later they notice baba is missing. Veer leaves saying she is a liar. Bani thinks who can kill a aghori. Bani asks Meera that how can she help Veer. She thinks he is in danger. Meera says but Veer is not at home. He went for a bike race. Bani thinks to go there. She thinks to change her identity. There Bani becomes Rani and wants to challenge Veer for a bike race.

Daksh and Ponky say Veer has to win this challenge. Veer thinks only he will win this competition. Daksh and Ponky notice that new biker is about to win but then somehow Veer wins the challenge. Veer goes to that girl and says why she made him win. Bani says because she wants to win someone else. Veer stand shocked her face. He asks why you came here. She calls her maid. Bani says she Rani and the owner of Taneja industry. Veer says he knows she is Bani. He goes to her. He asks her to stop lying to him. Bani i.e. Rani says think whatever you want. Veer says if you’re Rani then prove it. Rani says why will I prove it to you. She goes. Veer arrives at her house. He says to Ponky and Daksh that Rani really is the owner of Taneja industry. Daksh says but she was really hot while Bani is like a maid. Then Veer calls Bani. Tapish asks what happened why you want to meet Bani. Veer says he just wants to see her. Later they go to the kitchen to find her.

They notice that Bani is not in the kitchen. Meera acts like Bani is with her and helping her wear saree. Veer goes to Meer. He wants to open the door of Meer’s room while Bani somehow enters the room of Meera. Veer took aback seeing her. He asks her if she has a twin sister. Bani says what. He says nothing and leaves. Bani, Meera and Tapish laugh on him. That is when Bani is about to faint but she handles herself. While Veer wants to meet Rani. Bani goes to Taneja industry. She and Veer are in the same elevator. After a while elevator gets off. Bani becomes restless. While Veer clams her down. He doesn’t know that Bani is near him as he can’t see her in dark. Then Bani goes out from the elevator. Veer goes in a cabin. He notices Rani there. He asks her shockingly you’re here. Rani says yes why. Meera says to Tapish that now everything is fine as Bani is in the cabin of Bhagat Taneja. Tapish tells but Bhagat is here. There, Jay gets black magic. While Taping and Meera tries to stop Bhagat but fails. Episode end.

नागिन 5: 23 जनवरी 2021 Written Update – वीर रानी से मिलता है

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