Naagin 5 24 January 2021 written update – Good news for Bani

At the beginning of the episode, Veer asks Rani to make coffee for him. Rani says sure. She wants to call someone but then Veer says if she is sure this belongs to her. Bani asks why are you asking this. Veer says because there is a coffee maker in her cabin but she doesn’t know about it. Bani looks on. Later she notices Mr Taneja. She asks Veer to go with her on a coffee date. Veer agrees. Bani leaves with him. She calls Mr Taneja her dad and says she will meet him later. Taneja thinks why she called me dad, what’s wrong with that girl. He enters his cabin. While Rani goes with Veer on a date. When they are talking Bani feels seek.

She goes to washroom. Veer follows her. Bani vomit while Veer asks her to open woman’s restroom or he will break it. Bani thinks about what to do. She leaves from there in naagin avatar. Veer breaks the washroom. While notice Rani is not there. Veer thinks what wrong with him. He thinks he is imaging the things. Later, Bani goes to Meera and says she is not feeling well. Meera calls the doctor. On the other hand, Veer drinks a lot. Balwant asks Tapish to help Veer. He is so upset that he is drinking so much alcohol. Maybe he is upset because of Bani. He can’t live without her but didn’t remember this suffering a lot. Tapish goes to Veer. He asks him to stop drinking. Veer doesn’t listen to her.

There Meer brings the doctor to Bani but instead of the doctor, Jay comes in the form of doctor. He thinks to take Bani away from Singhania house. Meera scold Bani as she never takes cares of her. Doctor i.e. Jay asks Meera to leave from here. Meera does the same. There, Tapish says to Veer maybe he is suffering because he loves someone. Veer says there are so many girls out there who look after him but he has no interest in them. Tapish says if has an interest in someone else. Veer asks if he means Bani. Veer then leaves from there. Jay thinks to make Bani drink a drug so she will losses her senses and then he will leave from here with Bani.

While Bani hears kids voice. Jay thinks if Bani gets to know about him. Jay asks Bani to drink water in which he adds drug. Before Bani can drink it Veer came and throws that water out. Jay hides. Meera notices the unconscious doctor behind the sofa. She goes to Bani. Meera asks Bani about the doctor but Bani notices that the doctor leaves from her room. Bani is about to step on broken glass but Veer holds her. Veer also hear kids sound. He asks Meera if she heard it too. Meera says no and asks him to take rest. As he drinks too much. Bani says the kid is here, the baby is in her stomach. She feels happy as she is going to be a mother.

There Jay scolds Baba saying Bani didn’t drink those tonics. He gets angry saying he get nothing also didn’t even have food. He notices food at baba’s place and eats it like a bagger. Tantrik laughs on him saying he is adding but behaving like a bagger. Jay says soon he will become the most powerful man then no one can laugh on him. Bani goes to Meet Veer at night. While in sleep Veer calls Rani’s name while Bani gets annoyed with this. She scolds Veer. He asks why she came here. Bani scolds him and leave. Jay gets news about Bani’s baby. He thinks to harm him. Bani wants to protect her family and she makes a plan with Meera. Episode end.

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