Naagin 5 3 January 2021 written update – Jay killed Markat

At beginning of the episode, Bani and Jay get that magical water. There, Tapish and Daksh think about how to get away from Parik brothers. While Parik brothers watch Bani’s pictures and use ugly for her. Veer gets angry and he hit them. They hit Veer back. Bani calls Tapish and asks if Veer is with them. Tapish is about to tell Bani but Parik brother snatches his phone and hangs up. Bani feels as if sometimes is going to be so bad. There those brothers want to kill Veer. They bring Veer with them. Daksh and Tapish feel sad as they are not able to save Veer. Bani wants to find out Veer. That when she hears Veer. Then she and Jay reaches to Tapish and Daksh and asks where is Veer. They tell her Parik brothers brought Veer somewhere. Later she and others arrive where Veer is. They all beat Parik brothers.

Bani goes to Veer wants to make him drink tamkal tal water. She notices 2 parts in the water and wonders why it has two shades. Jay asks her to mix it. Bani did the same. She mixed water and Jay recall how he joined his hands with Markat. He remembers Markat gave him poison’s bottle and asked him to mix this poison with water and Jay did the same. While Bani notices Markat and slaps that water on her. Markat shouts in pain. Bani cursed her. Markat says she will soon take revenge. Bani ignores her and asks Daksh and Tapish to bring Veer to their house. Daksh asks but what they will do there. Bani asks him to do as she said. They all come to the house. Balwant is worried for Veer. Sukla tries to provoke him again Bani but Daksh tells Balwant that Bani will save Bani. There, Bani asks Lord Shiva to give her husband’s life back. She does tandav to make Lord Shiva happy. There Veer is suffering. Balwant thinks about what is going on. Veer lost his breath. Balwant shouts Veer. Bani says Lord Shiva makes her fall for Veer, now she wants to be with him, save him.

Lord Shiva bless Bani. Shiva gives Veer’s life back to him. Veer opens his eyes. Balwant asks if Veer is fine. Veer asks about Bani. His uncle says she is not here, she didn’t care about him. Meera says that’s not true, she is not here because she is praying for Veer and she is sure Veer get his life back because of her. Veer takes eagle form. He calls Bani. He leaves his room and notices Bani in front of him. He hugs her and asks if she threatens Shiv ji to get his life back. Bani smiles and says yes she did the same and Shivji says from now on Veer is her gulam. She asks if he agrees with it. Veer smiles and says yes. Bani then reveals Jay’s true face in front of Veer. That’s when Jay comes and calls Bani.

Veer says he will not leave Jay today. Bani prevents him from doing anything. She comes in front of Jay and confronts him. Jay wants to put his point but Veer stops him and says don’t even try to say a single word. Bani scolds Jay while he asks him to at least hear him first. Bani says she doesn’t want to. She asks him to go from here or else she will kill him but before she can do anything Jay faints. Bani and others are shocked. Before Jay faints he tells Bani about Markat. While Veer lost his power again. Balwant asks Daksh to throw Jay out but Bani says wait. Jay reveals he killed Markat which surprises everyone. Veer asks him don’t lie. Jay says they can check. Veer and Bani go outside and notice Markat’s dead body. Veer feels sad for his mother.

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