Naagin 5 9 January 2021 written update – Jay become Markat!

At the beginning of the episode, Singhania’s are having a party. Daksh and Ponky have fun with other girls and drinks with them. This makes Mehak and Dehak burn. They ask them how they both enjoy the party with other girls. There, Veer asks Bani if she remembers what she should do. Bani says yes but he can’t force her. She runs away from him. Daksh and Ponky say they get bored with Mehak and Dehak as they always lingers around them and now they want other girls. Mehak and Dehak get angry they try to beat them. Both boys run away from there. Girls follow them. Bani thinks she troubles Veer a lot but where he is. While Veer comes there. Veer show Bani mistletoe. He then asks her to kiss him. While Bani asks him to close his eyes. He did the same. Bani takes the form of naagin and removes mistletoe. Veer gets upset. He says now he won’t take first move. He steps out from there. Bani feels bad. She stops him and says sorry. She then put mistletoe on her head. Veer says nice move.

Meanwhile, a stranger came in Singhania house. Bani thinks why everyone stays silent. That strange do his magic on everyone. Mehak and Dehak who are running behind Daksh and Ponky also stop following them and fall on that stranger. The stranger asks someone to start the music. Ponky says he will do it for him. He asks him to use nice music only. Ponky nods and leaves. Veer thinks who he is and how dare he give order to his brother. He goes to him and about to scold him but he orders Veer. Veer also follow his order. Bani gets confused. Veer dance with Bani. She asks why he followed his order. Veer says he can’t say no to him. Jay comes. Bani asks him about that man. Jay says he gets everyone’s heart, how? Bani says she doesn’t know. Bani asks how he feels? Jay says she is talking to him thus he feels good. Bani says she didn’t forget his cheating so don’t become sweet in front of her. She asks if he knows who he is. Jay says no.

Bani thinks to go to the temple but then remove this idea as her family is in danger. While Panditain arrives at Singhania house. She wants to meet Bani. She notices Jay there and thinks to reveal his face in front of Bani. Meantime, Bani calls Baba. She tells Baba about that stranger. She tells him to get everyone’s heart. Baba says he is not sure about that man but only satyug soul can create such think. He hangs up the call. Bani wonders what can she do, how can she get information about him. While Panditain notices Bani. She is about to go to her but Jay comes and holds her mouth before she can speak anything. Later Bani notices the man and he comes to her. He says finally he met her. Bani asks who he is and why he use magic in her family. She says everyone comes in his magic but she won’t. Bani’s face colour changes. She says he put no effect on her but her face. Before she completes her sentence. He says it just that her face gets pink after watching him. Bani looks shocked. There Panditain says to Jay he is one who killed her husband. He says yes. She says she will tell this to Bani also tell her that he is her real enemy. Jay pushed her down. Panditain tells him about some nakshatra and says only Markat can change this. Jay shows her Markat. She notices Markat’s shadow in the pool and gets shocked.

Bani asks the man who he is. He says you think. He says he came here for her only so think why he came here. He says he came here to help her. Bani looks on. He tells Bani that he is a friend of all naag, naagins. Bani wonder. There Panditain says he kills Markat and get her powers. Jay says she is very smart. He says if she wants to meet her husband. He takes a form of naag. Panditain looks shocked.


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