Naagin 6 16 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Urvashi requests that Shakti eat food. Shakti tosses food and chastens her for ruining his creative mind. He requests that she send her to him. Urvashi says she sent Mehek to him for suhaagrat. Shakti says he is discussing his beauty queen, not Mehek. He requests that she let him know who is she and her name showing his drawing.

Urvashi says Deepika Padukone to escape from him. Shakti cautions her to bring her when she comes sometime later. He longs for Pratha. Urvashi goes to lock the room and she doesn’t see the vessel outside. Pratha feels something is off-base. Mehek keeps an eye on Pratha to be aware assuming that she becomes Naagin putting headphones in her ear and playing the Naagin music. Pratha hits the dance floor with Rishabh to quit becoming Naagin. Rem crashes into Mehek then her headphones fall on the floor.

Mehek couldn’t remain there. She passes on aside and comes to her snake structure. Pratha additionally changes to wind structure. Urvashi sees Mehek and stops the music. Rajesh inquires as to whether she is fine. Pratha lets him know she isn’t great in the wake of drinking the juice and goes to take a rest. Mehek sees it and thinks Pratha is debilitated as a result of her beverage, not due to Music.

Rehan checks Divya’s telephone and notices Vihaan is informing her. Rhea comes there and notices that he is really looking at Divya’s telephone. She takes steps to uncover him before Divya and her loved ones. Rehan cautions her to not make it happen yet she doesn’t tune in. Rehan pushes her then her head raises a ruckus around the town’s edge.

She falls to the floor. Rehan sees she is dead and conceals her body in the restroom. Divya takes Pratha to his room. Pratha goes to clean up. They yell. Rajesh and Rehan enter inside. They say they got frightened seeing Lizard. Rehan thinks where Rhea’s dead body vanishes.

Pratha requests that they leave. She cleans up and thinks she acted like Pratha before Rishabh and chooses to not fail to remember her retribution. At the party, Rishabh and Pratha see one another and review their minutes. Reem asks Urvashi where is Rhea. Urvashi says Rhea can’t see him getting ready for marriage so don’t call her as I don’t maintain that she should get caught once more.

Mehek requests that they trade their rings. Rehan and Divya trade their ring. Vijay comes there. Rishabh inquires as to why he came. Vijay cautions them about the chronic executioner and lets them know that he is killing individuals in the manner it occurred in Ek antagonist returns and this film debut is here so I came to caution you about it so remain ready as anything can occur. Rishabh says thanks to him for the consideration.

Pratha figures she won’t allow one more young lady to lose her life. Rajesh requests that she centered around her retribution. Pratha says she can’t allow one more young lady to lose her life so she will track down him. Rehan lets Ritesh know that he killed Rhea and her dead body is absent. Ritesh reproves him. The chronic executioner kills the lady of the hour who undermines her beau. Pratha comes to a locked room, she sees the bowl and thinks somebody is inside.

The following day everybody watches the chronic executioner news. Rehan lets Ritesh know that he will fault the Serial executioner for Rhea’s passing. He gets some information about Rhea. Urvashi lets him know she is headed outside. Rehan tells her he is worried for her. Media individuals cover the chief news. Reem requests that Rishabh make her meet Arjun Kapoor.

Vijay comes there and cautions them to watch out for the chronic executioner as he is impacted by this film and he might accomplish something in the chief. Rishabh sees somebody and follows that concealed man and is going to beat him. That man stops him and eliminates his veil. That individual is uncovered as Arjun Kapoor.

Urvashi calls Rhea. She shares with Reem that doesn’t have any idea where Rhea went, she isn’t noting calls as well. Rishabh calls Rajesh and Pratha. He makes them meet Arjun Kapoor. Rajesh gets some information about the film. Arjun says uneven love brings out antiheroes in us when we get cheated and knowing who’s the antagonist in this movie is extreme.

Divya gets some information about Rhea. He dodges her. Arjun inquires as to whether she at any point experienced shock? Pratha sees Rishabh. She lets him know that she got undermined in school. Rishabh says he confronted disloyalty and double-dealing in affection. Pratha asks truly?

Rishabh says OK and I can grasp its aggravation. Arjun and Rajesh go aside. Rishabh and Pratha gaze at one another. Rajesh brings popcorn and asks Pratha, might they at any point head out to watch the film debut. Pratha goes along with him. Urvashi feels strained for Rhea. She gripes to Vijay about Rhea missing. Vijay asks when she saw Rhea last time. Urvashi says she saw him with Rehan.

Vijay goes to converse with Rehan yet he escapes from that point. Rehan gets stunned seeing Rhea’s dead body on his way. Rhea awakens which shocks Rehan. Rhea changes to a snake and names him oblivious. Vijay tracks down him. They have him with them. Snake signs Pratha that her work is finished. Pratha thinks her second step of vengeance will start.