Namak Issk ka 11 August 2021 written update – Irawati threatens Chamcham

At the beginning of the episode, Gunjan was taking Satya along with her. Satya’s hands were tied and a backcloth was tied on her eyes. Gunjan was telling her not to make noise just come with me. They came near a car and Gunjan called Irawati to come fast as I have found Satya. Satya escaped from there pushing her back. As soon as she ran away Irawati came searching for them Gunjan told her she ran away by pushing me. Irawati slapped her and says at least do anything properly.

Irawati called the doctor but Yug was present in his cabin and told him not to pick her call. Satya confirmed to Yug that I reached where you called me. Yug told her there is a room booked in your name so go there. Satya says the way you are helping me you seem to be a reflection of God. Yug says I am doing all these for Chamcham so thank her.

Then Yug told the doctor to call Irawati and tell her that Satya went off along with her mom. Yug says like this if you will listen to me then you will be safe.

Rupa came to Chamcham and told her that I know you are doing all these because of some compulsion so let me know I will help you. Suddenly Irawati came and threatens Chamcham but she also gives a befitting reply. Saroj was telling Rony that I am not getting what’s going on. Rony told her double role movie is going on and Yug is so lucky to have two milky whites. Saroj scolds him for speaking nonsense.

Yug came back home and Saroj asked where you were? Yug says I went for some urgent work. Dolly gives an envelope to Yug. On asking Yug told them it’s Satya’s report. Yug was surprised to know that Chamcham is pregnant but everyone was understanding that fake Chamcham is pregnant.

Yug was thinking I will handle everything all alone as I can’t give tension to her. Saroj came and asked Yug whether this anything happened between you and that imposter. Yug says nothing happened between them. On the other hand, Gunjan was panicking after knowing that Chamcham is pregnant. Irawati says till Yug gets to that she is Chamcham I have to do something.

Yug was telling Chamcham it’s high time to expose Irawati in front of the family. Chamcham says it’s too early as you only don’t know about the whole truth. Gunjan tells Irawati that we need to take someone’s help. Suddenly Rony came and offered them help. Satya called on the landline and Rupa picked the call. Suddenly she heard about Chamcham’s pregnancy.

Chamcham was thinking about whether he would handle himself after listening to the truth. Suddenly Rupa came to Yug and informed him that a girl called and willing to talk with you about a new movie. After she left Yug tells Chamcham she might be Satya as I told her to do this if something urgent is there. Chamcham told him to go fast she would be in danger. After Yug went Irawati catch hold of Chamt and started threatening her.

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