Namak Issk ka 12 August 2021 written update – What’s Chamcham next plan?

At the beginning of the episode, After Yug left Irawati threatens Chamcham. She also gives a befitting reply to her and went upstairs. Irawati thought Chamcham should not notice Rony. Yug went to Satya and asked why you are so much worried? Satya says you don’t know how clever is she as now you Chamcham is pregnant so you have a double responsibility. Yug says I think you both are hiding something from me. Satya says this is Chamcham’s decision so you need to be with Chamcham. Yug thought she is right.

Chamcham think’s that Irawati will surely do something. When she entered the room saw Rony praying to God for her baby. Chamcham get’s confused seeing this type of innocent gesture of Rony.

Yug came with Satya and told her to stay inside the car till I come back. Saroj saw Chamcham coming downstairs and started telling her that I know you will definitely find Chamcham. Chamcham came downstairs and Saroj started telling her why you came here in this condition. She told her I just wanted to know why Rony came in my room. Saroj scolds her for going there and asks the reason. Rony says I just went with a God’s idol.

Yug came back and thought what Chamcham is trying to do as Satya is outside and it’s the right time to expose Irawati. They started questioning the real father of that baby which is in Chamcham’s womb. She asks them how can I prove you this. Saroj tells Rony to call the doctor. Rupa says this might affect the child. Yug tells Chamcham not to trouble us anymore come with me.

Yug came out with Chamcham to Satya and says this is the right time to expose Irawati. There Irawati tells Rony that Chamcham is willing to plot a trap. Rony says she is Chamcham whom we are considering an imposter. Irawati tells him not to reveal this to anyone. Rony asked about her plan. Irawati explains to him the whole story when Ravikanth was willing to name all his property in Chamcham name but I thought for Rupa and you so I plotted this plan. Rony says after hearing this I am willing to call you mom. Then he acknowledged them that I will kill her to protect our family.

Rupa came to Chamcham and told her why you are sitting like this, sit comfortably. Then she tells her to take care of you and if you need money then just let me know. Chamcham thought if I won’t take your help then again you will be in trouble. The doctor came to take Chamcham for the paternity test. Irawati thought I will kill her before she reaches hospital but why she is doing so

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