Namak Issk ka 13 August 2021 written update – Chamcham is in danger

At the beginning of the episode, Yug tells the doctor that the paternity test is very important. The doctor told him that we need to take her to the hospital. Rupa says it’s not right to risk their lives. Then Irawati thought it’s important for her to go there as then only she will kill her there. After listening to the doctor Chamcham denied for the paternity test. She told them if anyone would force me then she will call the police. Dadi says she might put her behind the jail.

Irawati was getting angry as her plan failed. Rony came to her snd says o doubt that she is not Chamcham. Irawati told her she is Chamcham only just acting too smart. Irawati thought of a new plan to kill her. Chamcham was talking to Satya suddenly Yug came inside the room. He told her now he wants to know all the truth. Chamcham says fine but stays strong.

Chamcham told him your father didn’t was trying to make my dad understand not to leave us for a street dancer and that girl is Irawati. Yug was surprised to listen to this. Chamcham told him that she got a letter in Bheeshan Singh’s office in which all this was written. Yug asks do you know where is my dad. She told him that she is not aware of this right now. Yug says he can’t believe that Irawati did all these things. Chamcham told her that she was about to tell all this to Rupa but Rony snatched my phone.

Chamcham tells him that Ravikanth could help us in finding his father. Satya says if he could do that then this situation won’t occur. Chamcham thought anyhow we have to find it. After the Yug left Irawati tells Rony to go and kill her. Yug went to the doctor with DNA samples of Satya and Chamcham to find out whether they are sisters or not. Chamcham heard some sound and came downstairs. Gunjan and Rony kidnaped her. Then Irawati made Yug unconscious using chloroform.

Rony and Gunjan tied Chamcham on a bed. Chamcham was requesting them to leave her. Irawati came and told the doctor to do the work properly or else she will take back all the money. Then she told Gunjan and Rony not to create any mess this time. Rony came to take water and saw Yug lying on the floor. Then he wakes him and he regained his consciousness. Yug started searching for Chamcham everywhere in the house.

The nurse sent them outside and let Chamcham know that she is Satya. Chamcham feels relaxed after seeing her.

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