Namak Issk ka 16 August 2021 written update – Satya is ready to take revenge on Irawati

At the beginning of the episode, Yug was hurriedly going out to find Chamcham. Suddenly Irawati stopped him and asked where he is going? Yug asked her where was she? She told him that she was with Dadi. Dadi also confirmed to him that she was me but why he is so worried? Yug thought he don’t believe her but now it’s won’t be right to say anything. Yug lied to them that Ravikanth didn’t find her in the room so he got worried. Satya called Yug and told him not to worry as Chamcham is with me.

Chamcham asked Satya how she found her? Satya told her that she heard Irawati’s plan over the call. Chamcham says if today she won’t come on time then they must have killed me. Yug came to meet Chamcham and asked where she went off? Chamcham told him that She was kidnapped and Irawati had planned to kill me. Yug thanked Satya for this favor. Satya says tell me what should we do with Irawati.

Irawati was threatening Ravikant for informing Yug that she is not in the hospital. Ravikant told her that he knows Chamcham’s sister is not in her trap. She told her time will tell. Gunajt and Rony came back and Informed Irawati that she escaped with the help of Satya. Irawati says they both are of no use she has to do something tomorrow. There Yug vows to vanish Irawati.

The next morning Yug and Chamcham came back home. Gunjan thought if she would take her name then she is gone. Yug told them that yesterday someone kidnaped her. Rupa apologies for not being attentive. Yug tells Irawati that he wants her help to fix this issue permanently. Irawati thought Yug is not aware that she is Chamcham.

Yug was thinking if Satya wouldn’t reach on time then Irawati might harm Chamcham. Yug called the doctor for the report but he told him that it will be coming till afternoon. Chamcham came to Yug and told him that she is worried for Satya. Yug says don’t worry she is very strong. Rupa came across Chamcham’s and Yug photos. She thought they both didn’t get time to come closer. Rony came to Rupa and ask if she knows who kidnaped Chamcham. Rupa denied that she doesn’t know who kidnapped her. Rony feels relaxed that she doesn’t have any doubt about him.

Irawati got a video call from Satya. Irawait tells her that she went off without taking a gift. She told her the day she got to know that Irawati is willing to kill her she flew from there. Satya intentionally showed her the hotel name where she is staying. Irawati thought she is foolish that she let me know about her location so first, she would fix her.

Satya informed Yug that our plan started. Yug told her to be safe as Irawati will reach soon. Satya thought she would be coming after so many days so her welcome should be grand. A waiter came into the room with a gun for Satya. Chamcham was leaving by making an excuse for a checkup. Rupa was willing to come with her but she told her that she doesn’t believe anyone after yesterday’s incident. Irawati plots a plan for Satya along with Rony and Gunjan. Chamcham was telling Yug that she is worried for Satya. Irawati rings Satya’s door bell. She moved to open the door in the aggression of revenge.

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