Namak Issk ka 17 August 2021 written update – Irawati kills Satya

At the beginning of the episode, Irawati went to Satya’s room and rings the doorbell. Satya opens the door and she came inside the room. Irawati started threatening her that first, she will kill her than her mom. Chamcham and Yug were watching them through video calls. Irawati grasped her neck. Satya pushed her back on the floor. She started asking her about Yug’s father. Irawati saw that phone through which Yug and Chamcham were looking at them. Then she broke the phone by smashing it on the floor.

Yug and Chamcham rushed to save Satya. They both were fighting with each other and Irawati was attacking her with a knife. Satay took out the gun. Irawati tries to snatch the gun from her. Eventually, the bullet hits Satya and she fell to the floor. Irawati escaped from there. Yug and Chamcham reached and saw Satya was lying on the floor. Irawati came out of the hotel and gave work to Rony.

Rupa was worried about whether Satya is safe or not. Gunjan tauntingly told her that she might be worried for other people as we are not her own. Rupa tells her that yesterday only someone tried to kidnap her and today she went all alone for a checkup. Gunjan tells her to call and confirm whether she reached or not. Rupa called the hospital and she got to know that Satya didn’t book an appointment. Gunjan thought her work is done now. Rupa was thinking that why Satya lied to us.

Yug took Chamcham from there and told her that we can’t come in front of the police. Rupa came to Saroj and informed her that Satya didn’t book an appointment. Saroj says she is not getting what’s going on in this house. Rupa told her now she feels that this girl is our Kahani. Gunjan heard their conversation. She thought Rupa got convinced that Satya is lying but she again started taking Kahani’s name. Irawati came back home and informed Gunajan that now Satya will not trouble us. Yug got a call from the doctor and he informed him that Satya and Chamcham’s DNA matched. Then Yug and Chamcham thought now they will expose Irawati.

Yuh and Chmchnt came back home. Saroj asked her where were she was as Rupa informed her that she didn’t make any appointments. Dadi says this girl keeps on lie us. Chamcham told them that if they don’t believe that it’s Yug’s child then why they all are worried. Irawati started questioning where she was? Saroj told Yug to ask her where she went? Suddenly a police officer came and told them we are here related to a murderer. Yug asks who’s murder. Then they show them Satya’s photo and asked whether they know the victim. Yug started crying and says she is my wife. Irawati was waiting for Yug to take Chamcham’s name. The police officer told Yug if he has any doubt on anyone then inform them first. Yug started blaming Chamcham and she was missing when this incident occurred

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