Namak Issk ka 19 August 2021 written update – Irawati gets exposed!

At the beginning of the episode, Saroj and Rupa came to Chamcham and feed her medicine. Later Irawati tells Rupa to bring Satya downstairs. Yug asked her what she is willing to do? Irawati told them that she will prove that Satya killed Chamcham. Yug requested all the female members to go back to their room as after seeing the video they won’t be able to handle themselves.

Yug tells Irawati to play the CCTV footage. Suddenly the light went off. Yug tells Gunjan to check the other room’s light. Then he took Rony with him to check the main switch. After they left Irawati saw a horrifying clip of Satya in which she was telling Irawati to confess her crime. Irawati gets feared and started asking them whether they saw that clip or not. Yug asked her what happened why she is behaving like this? She says someone is trying to trouble her. A police officer came and informed Yug that his wife’s dead body is missing. After hearing this Irawati got more scared.

Ravikanth tells Yug that he did as he told him now let me know where is his daughter. Yug calls Satya and she appears in front of Ravikanth. He saw Satya and gets emotional. Ravikanth says what they are doing it should be done by him. Satya told him it’s fine.

While Irawati was sleeping Satya came to scare her. She wakes Ravikanth and tells him to hear as someone is calling her. He told him that he can’t hear anything just sleep down. Then she hurriedly came downstairs seeking help. Suddenly she came across Satya and get’s scared. Satya says she will take her with herself. Irawati got irritated and loudly says that she will do the same thing with her which she did with Nishikant.

After hearing this everyone gathered around. Saroj curses her for betraying her. Chamcham told her this was the truth which she was willing to tell her. Saroj cries and hugged Yug. Yug told her that he always considered her as a mother but she betrayed him. He tells her to get out of this. Rupa asked Gunajan whether she was aware of this conspiracy or not? She confessed everything and says she did all these things to get back Yug.

Ravikanth scolds Gunjan for making him ashamed of her acts. Satya appears in front of them and says she was not willing to do all this thing’s but Irawati made her done everything. Saroj asked who was the one who died in the hospital. Yug informed her that it was all his conspiracy and she is Chamcham’s sister. Chamcham tells Irawati that today she lost the game. Irawati replied that she is not the one who losses easily. Yug tells Chamcham to call the police. Irawati told him she knows where is Nishikant and if he will name all the property on her name then she will go from there permanently. Saroj told Yug to agree with this deal. After Yug agreed Irawati told him tomorrow morning we would get all the things that we need.

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