Namak Issk ka written update 15 August 2021 weekly

Let’s see what happened in “Namak Issk ka ” This week.

Karan tells Yug that your wife’s intentions are not good. Satya thought why he is saying this? There Chamcham was thinking that I have to find out whether Satya is my sister or not and why she didn’t come yet. Satya told Karan to say it clearly what you are willing to say. Karan told Yug that this lady is a fraud girl as she has involved me in the conspiracy. Yug says mind your tongue. Karan told him that your wife promised to give me a chance in your movie if I will marry Gunjan. Satya told him it wasn’t a deal as I told you if Gunjan will like you then only I will tie your knot with her.

After Yug came in Saroj told Yug to decide what we have to do with Chamcham. Yug took her side and told them that someone might have threatened her to put these allegations on Chamcham. Irawati started objecting by saying that you made me apologize to her once. Dadi also started telling them that she needs to apologize. Satya immediately agrees to apologize. On the other hand, Chamcham made a hole in the wall through a rod.

Satya went to Chamcham but she was not there. Irawati locked the door from outside. Satya screams for help. Irawati thought I will make Yug believe that Satya has kidnaped Chamcham. Ravikanth told Yug that Chamcham was asking about her parents weirdly as she doesn’t do anything. Yug thought know I am very sure that sue is not Chamcham. Irawati tells Yug that someone is there in the basement. They all rushed but in between the doorbell rang. They opened the door and Chamcham was there. Yug thought she is Chamcham or not. As soon as Chamcham entered the house she fell unconscious. Irawati made a new plan with Gunjan.

Satya was thinking where did Chamcham go off after calling me here. Suddenly Gunjan came there and told her I know you are Satya. So I want to help you to take revenge on Chamcham. Satya thought I won’t let her plan be successful but I will use her to get out from here. Gunjan manipulates her against Chamcham and tells her to come with me. Suddenly Gunjan smashed a vase on her head and Satya gets unconscious. Saroj told Yug to call the police and trap her till they come. Rupa says we can’t hand over her to them or else she can harm Chamcham.

Yug came inside and locked the door. He hugged her and thank God for bringing Chamcham safely to me. Chamcham says I lost all the hope of coming back. Yug told her I followed Satya and reached you. Yug asked Chamcham that why Irawati is doing all this. Chamcham says I will tell you but before that, we have to keep the promise done to Satya.

Gunjan was taking Satya along with her. Satya’s hands were tied and a backcloth was tied on her eyes. Gunjan was telling her not to make noise just come with me. They came near a car and Gunjan called Irawati to come fast as I have found Satya. Satya escaped from there pushing her back. As soon as she ran away Irawati came searching for them Gunjan told her she ran away by pushing me. Irawati slapped her and says at least do anything properly. Then Yug told the doctor to call Irawati and tell her that Satya went off along with her mom. Yug says like this if you will listen to me then you will be safe.

Yug was telling Chamcham it’s high time to expose Irawati in front of the family. Chamcham says it’s too early as you only don’t know about the whole truth. Gunjan tells Irawati that we need to take someone’s help. Suddenly Rony came and offered them help. Satya called on the landline and Rupa picked the call. Suddenly she heard about Chamcham’s pregnancy. Chamcham was thinking about whether he would handle himself after listening to the truth. Suddenly Rupa came to Yug and informed him that a girl called and willing to talk with you about a new movie. After she left Yug tells Chamcham she might be Satya as I told her to do this if something urgent is there. Chamcham told him to go fast she would be in danger. After Yug went Irawati catch hold of Chamt and started threatening her.

Yug came with Satya and told her to stay inside the car till I come back. Saroj saw Chamcham coming downstairs and started telling her that I know you will definitely find Chamcham. Chamcham came downstairs and Saroj started telling her why you came here in this condition. She told her I just wanted to know why Rony came in my room. Saroj scolds her for going there and asks the reason. Rony says I just went with a God’s idol.

Yug came out with Chamcham to Satya and says this is the right time to expose Irawati. There Irawati tells Rony that Chamcham is willing to plot a trap. Rony says she is Chamcham whom we are considering an imposter. Irawati tells him not to reveal this to anyone. Rony asked about her plan. Irawati explains to him the whole story when Ravikanth was willing to name all his property in Chamcham name but I thought for Rupa and you so I plotted this plan. Rony says after hearing this I am willing to call you mom. Then he acknowledged them that I will kill her to protect our family.

The doctor came to take Chamcham for the paternity test. Irawati thought I will kill her before she reaches hospital but why she is doing so. Chamcham denied for the paternity test. She told them if anyone would force me then she will call the police. Dadi says she might put her behind the jail. Irawati was getting angry as her plan failed.

Chamcham heard some sound and came downstairs. Gunjan and Rony kidnaped her. Then Irawati made Yug unconscious using chloroform. Rony and Gunjan tied Chamcham on a bed. Chamcham was requesting them to leave her. Irawati came and told the doctor to do the work properly or else she will take back all the money. Then she told Gunjan and Rony not to create any mess this time. Rony came to take water and saw Yug lying on the floor. Then he wakes him and he regained his consciousness. Yug started searching for Chamcham everywhere in the house. The nurse sent them outside and let Chamcham know that she is Satya. Chamcham feels relaxed after seeing her.

This was the weekly summary of your favorite show “Namak Issk ka”.

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