Namak Issk ka written update 22 August 2021 weekly

Let’s see what happened in “Namak Issk ka ” This week.

Irawati got a video call from Satya. Irawait tells her that she went off without taking a gift. She told her the day she got to know that Irawati is willing to kill her she flew from there. Satya intentionally showed her the hotel name where she is staying. Irawati thought she is foolish that she let me know about her location so first, she would fix her. Satya informed Yug that our plan started. Yug told her to be safe as Irawati will reach soon. Satya thought she would be coming after so many days so her welcome should be grand. A waiter came into the room with a gun for Satya. Chamcham was leaving by making an excuse for a checkup. Rupa was willing to come with her but she told her that she doesn’t believe anyone after yesterday’s incident. Irawati plots a plan for Satya along with Rony and Gunjan. Chamcham was telling Yug that she is worried for Satya. Irawati rings Satya’s door bell.

They both were fighting with each other and Irawati was attacking her with a knife. Satay took out the gun. Irawati tries to snatch the gun from her. Eventually, the bullet hits Satya and she fell to the floor. Irawati escaped from there. Yug got a call from the doctor and he informed him that Satya and Chamcham’s DNA matched. Then Yug and Chamcham thought now they will expose Irawati. Yug and Chamcham came back home. Suddenly a police officer came and told them we are here related to a murderer. Yug asks who’s murder. Then they show them Satya’s photo and asked whether they know the victim. Yug started crying and says she is my wife. Irawati was waiting for Yug to take Chamcham’s name. The police officer told Yug if he has any doubt on anyone then inform them first. Yug started blaming Chamcham and she was missing when this incident occurred

The police officer was about to arrest her. She says before arresting me bring proof against me. Chamcham told them to go and investigate CCTV footage. Irawati thought about how to escape from this now. The police officer told him we can’t arrest her without any proof. Yug told them to carry on the investigation till then she will be in their trap. A few moments back, Yug tells Satya that the gun that the waiter will bring would be fake. He says soon people will gather around you whom he will send from his team.

ug tells Irawati to play the CCTV footage. Suddenly the light went off. Yug tells Gunjan to check the other room’s light. Then he took Rony with him to check the main switch. After they left Irawati saw a horrifying clip of Satya in which she was telling Irawati to confess her crime. Irawati gets feared and started asking them whether they saw that clip or not. Yug asked her what happened why she is behaving like this? She says someone is trying to trouble her. A police officer came and informed Yug that his wife’s dead body is missing. After hearing this Irawati got more scared.

While Irawati was sleeping Satya came to scare her. She wakes Ravikanth and tells him to hear as someone is calling her. He told him that he can’t hear anything just sleep down. Then she hurriedly came downstairs seeking help. Suddenly she came across Satya and get’s scared. Satya says she will take her with herself. Irawati got irritated and loudly says that she will do the same thing with her which she did with Nishikant.

Rony removes  the brakes of Yug’s car. Then they all settled in the car.  Iawati tells Yug to follow her Car. There Rupa finds the parts of the car. She came out to stop them.  Rony tells Irawati that now he would become independent millionaires. Then the car meets with an accident as the brakes were not working. The police came  with two dead bodies. Ravikanth and Gunjan were shocked to see it. Dadi asks who did all this? The police officer showed them CCTV footage in which Rupa  was removing the brake of the car The white cloth removes from the  Irawati and Rony faces . Dadi cries for Rony.

After 6 months, Dadi was feeding Chamcham. She says it would be nice if Satya would have come here. Suddenly she appeared in front of them. All of them started asking her that when her shoot ended. Satya says if she would know that they all will shower their questions like this then she would have come with an umbrella. They all laugh together. Chamcham says it would be nice, if Rupa would be also with us.  Satya tells Rupa to come inside. Everyone gets surprised to sees her. Ravikanth says now he doesn’t need anything in his Life as he has 3 reasons to live. They all were happy together.

This was the weekly summary of your favorite show “Namak Issk ka”.

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