Nima Denzongpa 28 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Suresha digging the sand. Alok stops him and question Suresh what’s going on with’s he? He requests him to leave from that point. Suresh shares with Tulika that he saw Nima no doubt. Alok requests that he quit arranging against him or, more than likely he will see his another face. He takes Tulika from that point strongly. Not set in stone to figure out reality. Alok grievances to Tulika that Mohan didn’t as yet come. She tells him may he went to washroom. He adds that it’s risk to remain here additional time.

In the mean time Suresh deliberately fix his vehicle and imagines like guiltless before Alok. Alok requests him to drive the vehicle quickly. He misleads him vehicle not beginning. Alok says that it’s new vehicle then how did it’s not starting?Suresh tells him that he want to really look at it. He misleads him there is some issue in vehicle. Alok says it’s new vehicle however. Suresh requests that Tulika leave with Alok he will return later. Tulika asks him how might she let him be she will remain with him here. She requests Alok to leave from that point.

Alok gets down from vehicle and questions them Is he seem to be numb-skull to them? How might he leave from here leaving his recently married spouse with him? Alok says that gives up together from here. Lets call technician to fix it. Alok takes lift from that point and leaves. In the interim Trio gets back to home. Tulika gets close to home seeing where did Nima got injured. Alok requests that she stop this profound show and fail to remember this. Suresh imagines like supporting Alok there. Tulika apologizes to him and tells him that she was terrified that is the reason.

Suresh shares with Tulika that he accepts Nima is alive by God effortlessness. Alok asks them where are they going? Suresh deceives him that they will clean the spot. Alok values them and says he going to watch them cleaning by staying here. He tells them that he won’t let them go anyplace without his insight. They may be before his eyes. He enquires her about Bindhu? Tulika deceives him that he landed one more position so he left from that point. He grumblings that she didn’t expressed this to him previously. Alok requests her to sit next to him.

In the interim Suresh sees Alok dozed there. He flags Tulika to follow him. In any case, Alok holding her sari edge. Tulika requests that he leave she will arrive at there some way or another. Later Suresh shows the spot to police however nothing is there. Nima’s dead body is missing there. Police asks them Is he wasting time them? Suresh guarantees to them that Alok killed Nima before his eyes. They shares with him that Alok was kicked the bucket as of now quit messing around them.

Later Tulika is attempting to contact Suresh yet he isn’t going to the call. She conceals the land line under bedsheet seeing Alok there. He asks Tulika why is she here? She imagines like cleaning the almira. He shares with her it’s Bindhu’s almira how about we check what’s he put inside? Didn’t he take his things before he left? He sees women dress there. Tulika imagines that she will get found out! He misconstrue he kept it inside. Tulika tells him she requested that Bindhu keep it here. He hears telephone ringing sound there. He questions her aims and looks for Suresh.

He chokes Tulika’s neck when he don’t track down him there. Suresh comes there for his salvage. Alok asks them where did he went? Suresh deceives him that he went to toss out the blood stain things. He values him. He cautions them they there are engaged with it so assuming that he get captured they will likewise get found out. After he leaves Tulika proposes Suresh to escape from here thinking Alok can’t ready to think that they are out. In the mean time Nima attempts to get lift. Another side Sunita implores god to send her children back. Suresh and Tulika comes there and describes everything to them. They supports Sunita there. They gets stunned to see a strange individual sitting inside their home.