Niranjan Namjoshi: Length of the show doesn’t really matter nowadays

Niranjan Namjoshi has opened up about the responses he is getting for his character and show Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii, which is hour-long and is generating a good response.
“It’s always exciting when the show goes on air. I have been getting messages from places like Bangladesh and Qatar saying that they love the show. The audience is already hooked to it and are relating to the show. I think when the show as a whole is appreciated that’s the biggest compliment,” he said.
It is based on the lives of doctors. “My parents are doctors, so I already knew the life of a doctor. It wasn’t something new for me.
For emotional quotient, she took inspiration from real life experiences. “I think every actor does that. The tough part was when we were shooting for surgical procedures. For that, there wasn’t any real life experience to take inspiration from,” he said.
The show is produced by Nilanjana Purkayasstha and Herumb Khot of Invictus T Mediaworks along with Studio Next.
“Nilanjana ma’am is a brilliant writer. The script itself is so well thought of that half of your job as an actor is taken care of. Herumb is a creative genius. It’s a visual treat to watch any project he does. I am just hoping he gets back to direction and casts me in his movies,” he said.
The show’s duration is one hour, which is a very rare thing on TV now. But it has managed to keep the audience intrigued.  “I think the length of the show doesn’t really matter nowadays. People watch episodes on OTT which are exceeding an hour. The very fact that the audience is intrigued says a lot. They have accepted and appreciated the show. That is success. And for an actor, nothing can be more satisfying,” he said.
The dialogues in the show use medical terminologies as well, and he found that the toughest thing. “But we had a doctor on set. So I personally used to ask him and understand the terminologies. Once you understand what’s expected and what it means, I think it’s easier to deliver,” he said.