Nishant Singh: Some people say my eyes are intense, some others feel Dr. Wasim is the coolest and a charming character

Nishant Singh says he feels grateful that his show Dhadkan Zindagi Kii is garnering a good response. The actor plays the role of Dr Wasim Ansari in this Invictus T Media works and (Studio Next) production by Nilanjana Purkayasstha and Herumb Khot.

“I’ve got so many compliments for my performance. Some people are saying that my eyes are very intense, some others feel Dr. Wasim is the coolest and the most charming character and so on,” he says.

The film is based on the lives of doctors. The actor shares that after watching the film he now understands the profession much better.

“I now understand a lot more now about doctors as I’ve tried and practiced so many things to become a character of Dr. Wasim Ansari. I also understand the pressure they go through, the way they think, the skills they have for doing a surgery, and the joy of saving someone’s life, dealing with different types of patients. So the whole process so far has been quite enriching,” he adds.

The actor has also taken inspiration from real-life experiences to play his part. “We have all been to doctors for something or the other, so do I. Honestly, I’m observant about everything that happens around us, and therefore every time I visit a doctor, I learn something new. Other than that I have a cousin who is studying medicine, so I met him to understand things better, learn more about doctors, equipment, etc,” he reveals.

Praising Herumb and Nilanjana for the way they have been conducting the show, their eye for details, Nishant adds, “First of all I’m really amazed and surprised with the involvement of our producers. They are so creatively invested in our show and are always there for us. I would like to appreciate Nilanjana ma’am for everything, and the whole team of writers for making this show so detailed. Every scene is hooked up, everything makes sense. The show is not just black and white, but the story, as well as the characters, are layered and well-etched, so much that it makes you think about different aspects of life.”