Palkon Ki Chhavn Mein 2 goes on air on 3rd October at 7.30 PM

Dangal TV constantly comes up with fresh and innovative content piquing the audience’s interest. Palkon Ki Chhavn Mein 2 is the latest show on the air.
Rohini Singh, Programming Head, Dangal TV says, “Dangal has been trying to give fresh, innovative, fiction offerings. In the last year, we have launched many new fiction originals. In continuation to build on our viewer’s growing connection with Dangal Tv is our next offering Palkon ki Chhaon Mein 2. The show is season 2 of the hit show Palkon Ki Chhavn Mein. The intent is to continue to build on the viewer engagement with this new offering and to further strengthen our relationship with our target audiences.”

If the shade gives relief from the heat of the sun, then the same shade also becomes a hindrance to someone’s growth – whether freedom of thought or decision-making.

Rohini Singh further explains the concept of the show. She says, “Palkon Ki Chhavn Mein Season 2 is a traditional family appealing show. It talks about the story of the young quietly strong Suman, who is an orphan. Suman hopes that with her marriage she finds a mother in her mother in law and an understanding partner in her husband, and a loving large family.

Last two years during the pandemic, the family has become the strength for most of us, and Dangal TV growing popularity reflects that the channel is taking the right steps in echoing that viewer sentiment. This show with its twists and turns offers family drama and an interesting triangle between Suman, Anshuman, and Nandan.

Set in a small town in India, the two women characters Surbhi and Suman around whom the story revolves are both strong in their unique way. Suman yearns for a mother’s love and finds that in Surbhi. Surbhi, on the other hand, is looking for a daughter-in-law for her elder son- Anshuman, a sensible and responsible boy. While Suman sees her mother in Surbhi and Surbhi sees her daughter-in-law in Suman. But destiny has other plans as the younger son, the mischievous Nandan falls for the rooted & strong Suman.

Who gets married to whom creates a lot of drama and subsequent relationships will engage the audience, also will Suman be able to keep her relationship with Surbhi through these challenges?

Who gets married to whom creates a lot of drama and subsequent relationships will engage the audience.

The show has a stellar cast that includes Vin Rana, Ashish Dixit, Trupti Mishra, Jaya Ojha, Sandeep Mehta, Jaya Bhattacharya, Alka Singh, Sheetal Ranjhakar, Rajesh Puri, Mehul Nisar, Seema Kazi, Raj Premi, and Lovenesh Dutt.

Dangal TV is the Number 1* channel in prime time slots and they are coming up with new content regularly to entertain audiences. Rehna Hai Palko Ki Chhavn Mein was a hit show, which had a loyal audience base, that led the channel to come up with a second season in a fresh format. The show will air Monday to Saturday at 7.30 pm on Dangal TV.

*Source BARC, HSM U+R, TG2+, GEC-Movies-Sports, AVG Weekly Impressions, Wk'35-38 2022, 6:00pm-10:00pm (Mon-Sat)