Pandya Store 13th February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Episode starts with Dhara saying Chiku is my youngster, how should I give him to anyone, I won’t give Chiku, Shweta will annihilate his life. Rishita says Chutki is passing on, could you get it. She demands that Suman tell Dhara. Gautam hears them and tidies up. He pounds the doorway. Rishita demands that Raavi tell them, how should she get Chutki back. She cries. The kids get Chutki to Pandya house. Rishita says I will get Chiku. Chutki falls in Rishita and Dev’s arms. They get significant.

Shesh says it’s something uniquely great for Dadi, mum destroyed the game plan. Chutki says such endless fans, hello there everyone. Rishita asks from where did you get her. Shesh says Chiku said Dadi is her fan, so we got her. Suman audits the successive. She says you are the TV young woman, what’s your name. Shweta says don’t get in touch with me. Suman says it’s a fair name. Rishita asks who is she. Shesh says we saw her in the asylum, we got her for Dadi. Chiku says alright, I told them, she is Dadi’s fav, so I got her, she will by and by permit me to call her Dadi. Suman says I m your enormous fan. Rishita asks what’s happening, I m hoping to get my daughter, you are after this young woman, Chiku go with me. Dhara says Chiku will wait. Dhara embraces Chiku. Suman embraces Chutki. She says Rishita, look at her, Chutki would be of her age, right. Rishita says she isn’t our Chutki, I will take Chiku to Shweta. She takes Chiku. She sees Shweta gone. She scrutinizes the message. Chiku runs. Shweta looks for Natasha. Chiku embraces Dhara. Rishita expresses thanks to Raavi. She says last time, she took off because of Dhara and Krish, and today you made her take off, you finish up who will make her run in a little while.

Gautam embraces Chiku. Dhara and everyone run and read Shweta’s 50 lakhs demand. Shiva gets some data about kids. Pandit says a short time back a woman was getting some data about kids. Shweta sees him and figures he will take me to Pandya house if he sees me. Rishita wails for Chutki. She says Shweta has taken off. Raavi says really shattered, I had tied her, I don’t have even the remotest clue how she took off. Suman says just think what to do now. Shiva sees Shweta going. He follows her. He surveys his accident. He sees someone else. He says pandit was saying you were finding kids. The lady says you are acting even after such innumerable years. Chutki cries and says I really want to go to mumma. Raavi says we will go, let me in on her name, calm down. Rishita says basically untouchables’ tears get importance here. Dev embraces her. Shweta gets down on Natasha. Dhara calls her. Rishita says someone calm this young woman. Shweta comes to Pandya house and sees Natasha with them. She says how should I get her out. Gautam says we should go out and see. Dhara says we are going out, we will get your mumma, don’t cry. Rishita says find her mum in asylum, I will call. She calls Shweta. They hear the ringtone. Dev says she is close. They run out of the house to see. Shweta hides inside the holder. She switches off the phone. Shiva asks what happened. Yet again rishita cancels and gets number. She says how should we track down Chutki now.

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