Pandya Store 15th February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Amba sneering seeing receptacles of phony medications being despatched to facility. Bhavin calls Amba and illuminates that her work has been performed. Suman sees Isha moving round and questions on the off chance that she won’t cooking heavenliness. when Suman goes round, Isha calls Chiku to inquire as to whether he isn’t coming. Chiku advises her to move alone to cooking radiance first then exchange her dress and withdraw for magnificence paegant class. Suman comes and asks Isha again so she concocts a couple of rationalization. Makwanas orchestrate every one of the medications in the emergency clinic.

Natasha questions Pranali assuming she is fulfilled and the last option tells it very well may be far and away superior if Bhavin would have come. Natasha guarantees that everything gets higher rapidly. Amrish grins seeing Dhawal. Dhawal thinks in his thinking how Amrish liquefied with such ease. Hetal lets Amrish know that everybody is so glad for the essential time and that is all happening because of him. while putting the medications, Dhawal uncovers the pressing compartments bizarre. He recommends it to Natasha and she or he advises him to quit overthinking. anyway Dhawal demands to address Amrish. Natasha takes some of medicine and eats it. She tells Dhawal she is top notch which means drugs aren’t phony.

Dhawal tells Natasha that Amrish can not the slightest bit trade and that they believe should do somebody or something bad might happen , Amrish’s calling will stop before beginning. Isha changes in accordance with uniform of police and leaves from cooking tastefulness. Suman follows her to find wherein she goes. Amba gets flabbergasted seeing media accomplishing the clinical organization and miracles who alluded to as them. Dhawal is set to uncover prescriptions to Pranali yet they diverted with media coming there. Columnist questions Amrish in the event that he can rut to any even out to hinder women of his circle of family members for moving ahead of time.

newshounds fault Amrish for placing counterfeit medication medicines in the sanatorium. Natasha admonishes Dhawal for calling them anyway he denies being one to name them. Natasha endeavors to hinder media anyway Dhawal again affirms Amrish for in no way, shape or form evolving. Pranali evaluations the medication medicines. Dhawal tells Amrish Makwana can not the slightest bit grant ladies elevate subject. correspondents illuminate that Dr Pranali’s permit gets dropped as well. Dhawal tells that Amrish will on my own visit Makwana home simultaneously as all circle of family members individuals will disappear with him. Amba thinks her plan has totally turned out badly and implores God for saving Amrish.

Natasha consoles Pranali yet she cries pitiably declaring folks of Makwana home can in no way, shape or form change. feasts branch staffs additionally arrive at there for assessment however they track down litters inside the crates. Flashback shows all Makwana ladies supplanted the artificial restorative medication pressing compartments. One person endeavored to eve teass them however Pranali made him disappear. food office leaves after not finding anything and illuminates media that their measurements was erroneous. Dhawal requests that Amrish thank the female for saving him and leaves. The episode closes with each individual looking on inwardly.

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