Pandya Store 16th February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with a medication and food handling official uncovering to the media that they tracked down no phony prescriptions in the clinic and leaving from that point. Amresh feels significantly better and asks the media individuals to leave. Media individuals leave from that point. Dhawal requests that Amresh thank the women who saved him. He advises him that they saved him despite the fact that he attempted to show them low. Dhawal leaves from that point. Natasha follows him.

Isha enters the Beaty expo. Natasha stops Dhawal and questions him about the explanation he informed the media individual. Dhawal says he never plays these messy stunts and why she suspects as much. Natasha lets him know that she intends to join him and Amrish yet he ruined her arrangement. Dhawal says he sat idle. Natasha requests that he guarantee. Dhawal guarantees on her. Natasha feels discombobulated and falls oblivious. Dhawal feels stressed for her.

Amba calls Bhaven and lets him know that Amresh is caught rather than Pranali. She inquires as to why he included media. Bhaven says he didn’t call media individuals and tells her that he will take her name assuming she gets uncovered. Amba says he will deal with the circumstance.

Amrish reviews Dhawal’s allegations. Amba comes to him and attempts to prompt him against Natasha.

In the medical clinic, Dhawal cries saying Amrish ruined her vocation before it began. Bhabhi says Amrish can’t be behind this wreck yet Pranali trusts her.

Isha strolls on the slope. Dama enters there. Isha gets stunned to see her and stops her incline walk. Dama passes on from that point despite the fact that Isha attempts to stop her. Isha sees news on television.

A medication wellbeing official ready to come in case of an emergency lets lady know that he will track down the verification against Amrish. They check the environmental factors of the clinic and track down counterfeit drugs. They return to the emergency clinic and capture Amrish showing evidence. Individuals toss stones at Amrish asking how might he act in this manner with his family women.

Chiku on his portable sees Amrish’s affront. It’s shown that Chiku passed the data to the media against Amresh. Amresh prevents the medication examiner from taking him and requests that they show the capture warrant or demonstrate that I put those phony prescriptions. The medication official says very soon they will track down the proof against him and leaves.

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