Pandya Store 20th February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Bhavin saying that the issue is of men so they ought to settle it without including the women. Amrish tells that Shalini can’t be paid off as she is getting back at him. Bhavin again says that women panchayat of their family are spreading legs from bedsheet and tells that he will go to converse with Shalini Dave yet Amrish rigorously denies for him. Chabeli questions Amba what should be cooked as girl parents in law are not at home which goads her more. Chirag chides Chabili.

Makwana bahus sign the structures and get some information about hers as well. Natasha says she won’t take part as the structures are for Makwana bahus and she is Pandya. Hetal tells that regardless of Makwana or Pandya she is their #1 Natasha and every one of them express that they will take an interest provided that Natasha does. Pranali likewise says that she remains with them at Makwana house and is a piece of the family regardless. Natasha winds up partaking as well. Sesh is standing is kitchen masked Isha to trick Suman. The last option comes there to search for Sesh and Mithu which makes Sesh apprehensive.

Suman hydrates in the kitchen and Sesh attempts to worriedly conceal his face and foot. Isha really takes a look at her pack and doesn’t find her water bottle. Mithu attempts to take Suman from kitchen by rationalizing and says that Isha will prepare great food. Suman inquires as to why Isha isn’t uttering a word. Mithu says it very well may be some quick kept after marriage. Dhawal is called to gather the structures. He gets stunned seeing Makwana women there. Cart says they are taking an interest. Dhawal questions assuming Amrish has really allowed them. Hetal tells on the off chance that he doesn’t trust it’s working out.

Cart advises Dhawal to zero in on Natasha. Dhawal says Natasha that he will prevail upon her by becoming free and expresses that he has previously landed position there and says thanks to God for sending her there. Natasha indignantly tells that their relationship is of representative and member as it were. Dhawal’s sister parents in law urge him to continue on and they will assist with rejoining him with Natasha. Amrish frustratedly breaks things in his room thinking about the new occurrences. He shouts out boisterously. Hetal additionally guarantees Dhawal to take him back to Makwana house however he reminds them to be cautious as Amrish will follow through with something.

Hetal questions him for questioning his sibling at each step yet Dhawal tells how Amrish does everything with a rationale. Hetal contemplates Shalini Dave. Makwana women are educated to remain at magnificence paegant place so Natasha advises Hetal to illuminate Amrish. Hetal calls Amresh and demands him to pick Golu from school as she can’t leave from contest which pesters him more. He requests that Bhavin do it as he has meeting with financial backers. Makwana women are left stunned realizing first round is of outfit wear. The episode closes with them being educated that on the off chance that they can’t wear it they will be disposed of.

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