Pandya Store 22nd February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Makwana men coming to house and finds the lights switched off. At the point when Amrish furiously goes to turn on, they get stunned seeing all the garments spread around. Chirag tells that in any event, night’s diya isn’t lighting so they may hve not returned back home. Abruptly they hear Amba shouting and she comes to the lobby tingling her skin. Amrish gets stunned seeing her body being gone after with insects everywhere and calls Chabeli. Chabeli tells that Amba was eager so she was eating sugar and entire Container dropped on her.

Bhavin lets Chabili know that he is drained and requests to get tea. Amrish questions how he got worn out by simply picking Golu from school. Bhavin gets stunned hearing Golu has not returned at this point. Bhavin tells Chirag should bring Golu home. Chirag apologizes for disregarding it. Amrish calls at school and gets stressed when the guard illuminates that none regarding the children are at school. They become stressed over his whereabouts yet feels alleviated seeing Hetal bringing crying Golu home. She tells she had got call from Golu’s school that nobody came to pick him so they went to class.

Amrish questions Chabili why the house is dispersed with garments everywhere. Hetal quiets him and says they will accomplish basically everything and bring tea for everybody as well. Alongside Cart and Pranali, Hetal speedily completes all that and even makes something to take care of Golu. Suman questions Natasha in the event that there is improvement in her and Dhawal’s relationship however before she can reply, she gets call from Hetal inquiring as to whether she tracked down answer for their concern. She tells she will illuminate them once she gets back. Natasha is leaving when she finds the two young ladies she saved from assault selling garments in the road.

Natasha gets joyfully astounded seeing them and converses with them. They tell that as a result of Natasha they got liberated from the damnation and the person with her assisted them with procuring. They take her inside and Natasha gets shocked seeing Shashank there. He illuminates Natasha that his mom does sewing so he remembered to help them. Natasha gets dazzled seeing their plans and proposes to get their swimming ensembles planned by them. She goes to the magnificence event coordinator and tells her arrangement yet the young lady flies off the handle on Natasha and requests that she quit on the off chance that she isn’t happy with their outfits.

Dhawal comes to Natasha and asks what’s going on. She tells how everybody has been awkward realizing about swimming ensemble round so she carried these young ladies to assist them with planning something as per their decision. Dhawal sees their plans and gets dazzled. He converses with Juhi playing with her and causes her to consent to allow an opportunity to them. Dhawal says that his appeal isn’t dealing with one whom he needs to. Natasha is going to slip however before Dhawal can help her, Shashank does making Dhawal frustrated. Dhawal comes to see Shashank and Natasha working with the remainder of women. The episode closes with Dhawal feeling envious.

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