Pandya Store 8th December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Hetal inquiring as to whether Amresh would be fine or not then Cart and different women attempt to quiet her.

Then, at that point, Hetal gets oblivious while Amba curses Natasha for all the mishappenings though Natasha takes an auto and goes to home.

In the mean time, Meethu sees Natasha in Auto and tells something similar to Cheeku however he doesn’t trust him.

Dhawal sees Amresh’s vehicle at the mishap spot and gets terrified and he goes to keep an eye on him yet doesn’t track down him inside the vehicle.

Amba goes to god for well prosperity of Amresh and reproves Hetal for crying and says that on the off chance that anything wrong happens to Amresh, she will think of her as answerable for it.

Police give Amresh’s coat to Dhawal and Chirag then they get some information about Amresh so Police educate him that a non military personnel informed them concerning the mishap the previous evening and it was a significant mishap.

Dhawal begins crying while Natasha arrives at Makhwana’s home and Chabeli sees her though Meethu and Cheeku additionally come there.

Natasha becomes stressed over seeing them there and she goes to see them there while Chirag and Bhavin attempt to reassure Dhawal.

Bhavin gets some information about Amresh then, at that point, Police show him the journal on which the home has been composed then they open the journal.

In the interim, Natasha chastens her siblings and requests that they go from that point though Cheeku insults her for wrecking the store.

Cheeku requests that Meethu go from that point as Natasha generally does show and breaks all relations with her though Dhawal opens Amresh’s vehicle and tracks down spots of blood on the vehicle.

He frenzies and cries seeing those spots while the laundryman comes and requests that Natasha give the garments for washing.

Cheeku requests that she go inside the house and praise her triumph and he will tell about this to Suman while Natasha implores god to deal with the circumstance and she pivots and trusts that Cheeku will leave that spot.

Cheeku shows the card that he tracks down in the vehicle and requests that his siblings return home as he will track down Amresh and requests that they deal with relatives at home.

In the interim, a couple of individuals do ayurvedic medicines for Amresh’s physical issue Dhawal comes there and Amresh is stunned to see him there.

He attempts to get up and asks Dhawal what is he doing there then Dhawal lets him know that he needs to bring him back home and after some time Amresh understands that he was believing that Dhawal is there.

Amresh laments his choice of bringing Amresh at home though Hetal actually cries and eats nothing however Pranali attempts to persuade her to battle with the present circumstance.

In the interim, Natasha goes into inside house and Hetal embraces her however Amba requests that she take off from the house though Dhawal arrives where Amresh is taking treatment.

The two of them embrace one another though Amba portrays the entire occurrence that occurred while Dhawal attempts to powerfully takes Amresh at home.

Amresh will not go and says that he would rather not return to that place any longer.

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