Pranitaa Pandit Diwali 2022 is going to be special with her daughter Anysha: She would be celebrating her first Diwali with my side of the family

It’s Diwali on October 24 and everyone around is excited. From shopping, visiting family and friends to eating out, people have made a list of things they would be doing to celebrate the festival. Celebs too are no different. Actor Pranitaa Pandit talks about her Diwali plans.

“I will be in Delhi for Diwali at my parents’ place. I am super excited. All my memories are from Delhi and Anysha would be celebrating her first Diwali with my side of the family,” she continues, ” Diwali is the festival where you celebrate good over evil and victory of light over darkness, and it is so powerful. The way everyone in this country comes together and celebrates Diwali is so awesome. We light diyas and spend some good time with our families and it makes everything so special.”

After two years of COVID and restrictions, this year is special without it to a certain extent. So, the celebrations are only going to get doubled.

“It’s been years that I have celebrated Diwali freely because Anysha was born during the pandemic and few years have gone in fear. I am going to be with my parents. I have a really huge family so I am very excited to meet everyone,” she says.

Pranitaa shares that her family traditions and rituals include lighting diyas and making rangoli.

“Anysha would also be taking part in doing all these this time. We would do Ganesh and Lakshmi Ji ki pooja and buy new things,” she adds.

Talking about her fondest childhood memories of the festival, the actor says, “It would be playing cards. We used to have farmhouse parties where we used to have a good time with the entire family and friends. Everyone stayed awake for the entire night and every night there used to be one outing.”

Pranitaa has also planned her look for the festivities. “I am planning to wear a light weight Indian Sharara which is all net and same with Anysha. I make sure that our outfits are light and comfortable and extremely colourful,” she adds.

Diets go for a toss on Diwali. “If you don’t put on 2-3 kilos it means you haven’t celebrated Diwali, so diets go for a toss. I always do a pre-Diwali cleaning and lose a kilo or two so I am prepared to binge eat,” she says.