Puneet Dixit on present music trend: We have n numbers of instruments in every culture in India, and digitalisation is killing it

The choices might vary, but there is probably no one who does not enjoy music. It is also one of those industries or creative space that is constantly evolving. Creator, composer and singer Puneet Dixit who has been roped in to compose the music for the upcoming sequel of ‘1920’ talks about the trends that he has noticed recently.

The digitalisation of music has changed the industry. “Digitalisation is good to save time and effort. But if we stop using Indian style then this is not good for the future us. We have n numbers of instruments in every culture in India, and digitalisation is killing it,” he adds.

On the major trends he has noticed in Bollywood music, Puneet says, “Getting back to Bollywood classical Indian fusion music can bring back the trend. The new generation is not at all aware of Indian musical history. They need to be educated about it.”

Musicians always have a dream project. Talking about what he looks forward to doing, Puneet shares that as an artist he is already living his dream. “Listening to 1920 music in 2008 as a school going kid and doing the music for the sequel in 2022 definitely means success to me. My dream to work with Mahesh Bhatt sahab has already materialised so every project is a dream,” he adds.

He is totally against “recreating old songs and killing it”. He explains, “It seems like murdering memories of old legends and that is not setting any good example to the new generation. These are like bad impacts on great songs and many now don’t want to listen to originals. Music is music, it can’t irritate me until it’s soulful.”

Covid has affected everyone, it was no less worse for the musicians and industry. Puneet agrees and feels lucky that he was occupied with work. “I was working during the peak Covid times as well. Some TV shows were running, so I created songs and stories for them. I did explore myself a lot during that phase,” he adds.