Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 3 August 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Kadambari causes Mohan to swear on her that he will do nothing to stop Radha’s marriage and he will pass on any marriage customs as well. She inquires as to whether the last option is cheerful. Latha gestures at her. Mohan tells Kadambari that Hriday is definitely not a hero. Damini takes Mohan from that point. Mohan tells her that Hriday behaving like a hero. She lets him know typical couples act like Hriday simply because he will get hitched with Radha. She says that it seems as though she and Mohan are not an ordinary couple. She lets him know that he will wed her yet he ponders Radha generally. She adds that she is in torment yet he thinks often about Radha as it were.

She lets him know that he crossed every one of the cutoff points today by charging Hriday. Furthermore, it demonstrates that he doesn’t believe their marriage should occur. Mohan tells her that dislike that. She lets him know that it seems as though just she is engaged in their marriage. She says that Mohan’s activities influence her. She requests that he regard Kadambari’s swear. He tells her that he is with her. She lets him know that that is false and leaves the room. He ponders what has been going on with Damini.

Kadambari lets him know that Radha demonstrated that she can deal with herself so he ought to continue on as well. Mohan tells her that Hriday is certainly not the right person for Radha. She requests that he pick either his mom or his obstinacy. Damini hears their discussion and lets herself know that now nobody can stop this marriage. Tulsi’s soul tells her that she won’t allow this union to occur at any expense. Furthermore, Radha simply has a place with Mohan.

Then again, Radha makes a woodwind. Mohan ponders how he neglected to see Radha’s aims. Gungun asks him how might he remain quiet when Radha’s commitment going to occur with Hriday. She lets him know that he is a miscreant and their organization is finished. He inquires as to whether she can break her mom’s commitment. She lets him know that she won’t have a mother so she won’t allow Radha to take off from the house.

Afterward, Gungun tells Kadambari that Radha is content with them and then what’s the need to get hitched? Kadambari tells her the significance of commitment. Gungun believes that she needs to stop Radha and Hriday’s commitment.

The following day, Radha feels awful that Mohan will not accompany her for her significant day. Gungun tells Mohan that Radha crying. Mohan goes to Radha and asks her for what good reason she isn’t prepared at this point. He says that she will be the world’s best lady. He assists her with preparing.

In the interim, Gungun takes Hriday to the storeroom saying that Radha standing by to converse with him. She attempts to secure him in the room yet comes up short. He compromises her. Mohan sees the wedding band. Radha lets him know that it’s her mom’s ring however it’s enormous for her. He makes her wear the ring to check the size which shocks Radha. Sundari requests that Radha open the entryway. Tulsi’s soul says that commitment occurred.