Raghav Dhir: There’s no extra drama in Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii

Actor Raghav Dhir says his show Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii, which revolves around doctors, has no extra drama.
“I have got a lot of feedback for the show. I am glad that people are enjoying it. One of the comments that I got from a viewer was that the character that I am playing is quite different from my previous show Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai. That as an actor is very nice to hear as you are not being typecast,” he said.
Thanks to the show, he has started understanding the lives of doctors a little bit.  
“Doctors need to keep focus. They have to understand the patient’s history to get the correct diagnosis, the urgency to find the cause of the illness so that they can treat the patient as soon as possible,” he said.
For his role, sometimes he takes inspiration from real people and experiences. “But I mostly try to create a scenario in my head and try to believe that,” he shared.
The show is produced by Nilanjana Purkayasstha and Herumb Khot under Invictus T Mediaworks along with Studio Next. He feels that Herumb and Nilanjana have an eye for detail and all the scenes shot look very real. “Medical procedures, locations and medical terminologies require a certain detailing for the show. They pulled that off very neatly and nicely,” he said.
“We as actors try to understand the meaning of the terminology, what, why, where it is, so that we deliver it with certain emotions,” he added. The show is one hour long, which is a rare thing on TV nowadays. “The time span of our show is longer than other shows. The good thing about our show is that every scene is to the point. There is no extra drama. We are just keeping it real,” he said.
He’s had many interesting incidents on the set. “One which I remember is when Nishant (Dr. Ansari) was doing a scene which required urgency and the dialogue delivery was fast, so in that process, a medical terminology was said in a very funny way that changed its meaning and came out as a cuss word. All the unit members had a good laugh. The whole thing was very funny,” he said.