Rahul Singh: Initially, even after liking my performance I didn’t get work and was either told that I too young or too immature!

Shubh Laabh actor Rahul Singh started his career as a stage actor in Jharkhand. After coming down to Mumbai he took a formal training from Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting Institute. He is also a standup comic artist. Over the years, Rahul has done a host of shows such as Laughter Express, Ruk Jana Nahi, Bhanumati On Duty, Badi Door Se Aaye Hain, Kya Haal Mr Panchal, Shaadi ke Siyapey and Tera Kya Hoga Alia. He also hosted Apna News Aayega 2 along with Puja Banerjee and wrote the story, screenplay and dialogue for Tera Baap Mera Baap. But of all things, he loved acting the most.

“As a child, when my friends played cricket or football, I used to practice acting, mimic different artists and even formed a drama group. I was always fond of doing mimicry, and this brought me to Mumbai, where I also finished my graduation. My Dad wanted me to become a doctor but I wanted to pursue acting. Dad wasn’t convinced with my choice and was scared but my mother understood me and later convinced him and every other family member,” says Rahul, who was born and raised in Jamui, Bihar. His father Naval Kishore Singh is an Advocate and CPI Leader, his mother, Nirmala Devi is a homemaker. He is the youngest of six siblings.

The first project Rahul landed after much struggle was Laughter Express. In fact, after he came to Mumbai, the initial five years he did not get any work.

“I used to take money from home. But today, 18 years have passed, and I am doing much better. Initially, the reason people gave me for not giving me work even after enjoying my performance was that I look either too young or too immature for a role. When I realised this was going to take time I started working as an assistant director to earn a living and did shows such as Sabki Laadli Bebo, Sasural and Meet Mila De Rabba. I used to work continuously for 72 hours at a stretch and even after that I went for auditions,” he adds.

Rahul has always been fond of writing and worked as an assistant to creative writer Dhananjay Masoom. He gave me an opportunity to write for Laughter Express. “One of the days when I narrated a concept I had written for the show, he said, ‘Why don’t you perform?’. I auditioned with the channel and they liked my work. That’s how I got the non-fiction. Winning the show was the biggest high and gave me a lot of confidence. I decided to give acting another try. So, I auditioned for Ruk Jana Nahi and got selected. Luckily the whole team got along very well and I got a chance to work and learn from director Santram Verma and actor Anirudh Dev. Since then I have been doing daily soaps and want to do web series and film soon,” he shares.

His character Vidhyadhar in Shubh Labh is an interesting one. He is a ‘Ghar Jamai’, who is preparing for IAS but not able to clear a single exam. There are seven characters in this show. The vice that my character has got is desire. He falls for every new girl and then has to run away from his wife’s beating for his habit,” he laughs softly. Ask how has this journey changed him as a person and if he had a plan B ready if his acting journey had not worked out and Rahul replies, “I am the same as who I was when I came to Mumbai from my village. After coming here, initially, I tried to wear a new hairstyle and different kinds of clothes like the people of Mumbai but understood that I am fine as I am. I had never thought of anything else but acting in my life, so I don’t know what would have happened if I would have failed in this. Apart from facing the camera, I also enjoy cooking, writing and telling stories.”