Rohit Purohit on bond with director Arif Ali Ansari: It’s great that half of my career has been with my best friend

They say that it’s tough to make friends in the industry, but what is better than striking a bond with someone and then getting to work with them? Well, this has been true for actor Rohit Purohit, who is on his seventh show with director and close friend Arif Ali Ansari.

Produced by Nilanjana Purkayasstha and Herumb Khot (Invictus T Mediaworks and Studio Next), the two are working together in Dhadkan Zindaggi Kii.

“We know each other for almost 12 years now or maybe more than that, we have lived together for 7 years in one house. He’s one of my closest friends, we have so many memories together. We didn’t start our careers together but we’ve been in Mumbai even before that. He was assisting one of the directors back then and we used to think ‘kab hum sathme kaam karenge’ and today Dhadkan is our seventh show together. We’ve cooked food together, we’ve gone for vacations together, he is like one of my closest friends in Mumbai, so the association with him has always been amazing. Our first show together was Chandragupt Maurya from where he started directing, so his first show was with me. After that we did Arjun, then Razia Sultan, Porus, Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji and now Dhadkan and hopefully many more in future. When I initially came to Mumbai, Arif and I were staying in a room where we were nine other people living as well. So, it all started from there! After that, we shifted to a new house where we lived together. He was an assistant director at that time. It’s so good to know that half of your career has been with your best friend where he is the director and I’m the male lead,” he says.

Rohit, who plays the role of Dr Vikrant Saxena in the show, says that it’s always helpful to work with a friend. “When I’m working with some other director, I’m very conscious and am often wondering how my approach will be with the scene. But when I’m working with Arif I leave 90% of myself on him as I really trust him with the way he has presented me on screen in all my shows. If people like my work then usme Arif ka bohot bada haath hai because of the way he has a take on my character and I rely a lot on him.

He also shares a great equation with his co-star Additi Gupta. “I have a very good bond with Additi, I know her for a long time. We never got any chance to interact much but she’s a wonderful girl, very professional and a very good actress and I really connect with her on that level,” he says.