Actor Producer Roshni Kapoor talks about her Experience at the Dubai Expo 2020! 

COVID has been a rampant issue in these last couple of months. The world has struggled through curfews and lockdowns and now stands on its crippled legs, slowly building up balance and sustainability. Regardless, no matter how difficult times have been, we have all learnt to cope with the situation and move on with life. Likewise, it all didn’t seem different for travel enthusiast Roshni Kapoor. With nothing letting her spirits be diffused, the actor producer, after her collaborative shoot with Ageless Collection in Dubai, spent an eventful time at the Dubai Expo 2020 on 23rd November, bringing back loads full of memories and experiences. 
Roshni Kapoor, in a candid chat, spilled details of her visit to the Expo and her love for the various pavilions. She was amused by her interaction with the talabat robots while soaking in the other festivities of UAE and other pavilions like Switzerland, United Kingdom, Spain, Hungary and Pakistan. In Roshni’s words, “The Expo is a unique platform to showcase public diplomacy and national branding.” The motto of Dubai Expo 2020 is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’.
This virtual world tour proved to be a phenomenal package of different traditions, cultures and cuisines, all artistically displayed across the various representations. With 100+ pavilion visits in stow, Roshni doesn’t seem to mind another flight back to Dubai for yet another round of exploration. “One of my favorite things about the Expo was the amount of effort that went into the entire set up that was overwhelming. I was really excited about the customised Expo Passport, too. As every Pavilion kept reflecting its stamps on my passport, I kept getting eager to add as many stamps as I could. I am so thrilled to have collected 100+ stamps from every Pavilion that I visited.”
Born in Srinagar and brought up in Amritsar, this Kashmiri Punjabi kudi is a self-made woman, who has beaten down the dust to rise above it all as a celebrity today after losing her pillar of support who lived by her side in the form of her now late mother. Roshni has bloomed with an adventurous Experience tucked away, making way for her upcoming film, THE RAGE – Over Injustice with Adnan Khan and Aditya Khurana.
THE RAGE is a movie about the LGBTQ+ Community and Women Empowerment in a sweet cocktail of social messages and human emotions. The film is due to come out on one of the popular OTT platforms early next month. This film has been submitted for the Cannes Film Festival and Roshni has been awarded with the Dadasaheb Phalke Award for Best Debut at Cannes.
Roshni Kapoor is scheduled for another shoot in the United Kingdom and will be seen paying constant visits to Dubai for the same. Her shoots have been covered by Ummad Naseer Photography in UAE who also captured her fun moments at the Expo 2020. A flourished Brand Endorser across borders, Dubai now stands as a second home to the actor. – By Sneha Nair