Sakshi Dwivedi: All I want 2023 to be is nice to me and should be full of work and opportunities

2023 is here and the world has gone on a celebratory mode already. After two years of devastating pandemic, this time the merriment is going to be doubled. Sakshi Dwivedi of Splitsvilla fame shares about her New Year celebration plans and more.

“I would say 2022 went quite well not in the sense that I did great in this year but I learned a lot. My career went quite well. I finished one of my south movies. I shot four music videos, Splitsvilla etc this year,” she continues, “As an actor, you’re always looking for more. So there was not a target that I set up for myself. That is my target and I have to live up to that expectations but whatever happened this year was great. It made me really strong, made me mentally more open to a lot more opportunities and overall it was good.”

About specific milestones this year, she adds, “I did a reality show, but to begin with I was quite anxious to be a part of it because my personality was completely different from those who were a part of the shows. I kept on thinking that I might not be able to do it, but I did it and learned a lot. I’m open to other reality shows now as that experience made me a stronger person, who is mentally prepared to take on hardships.”

Sakshi wishes for a hopeful and prosperous 2023. She also wants it to be a little easy on her, unlike how the last year has been.

“It was full of ups and downs, a roller coaster ride. I saw good and bad in my professional and personal life. All I want 2023 to be is nice to me and should be full of work and opportunities. I want to be busy in 2023. Honestly, I would want to bring a couple of changes in my professional life but I guess it starts with some personal changes which is my sleeping schedule. I want to fix it. I sleep late at night. I want to sleep early and wake up in the morning. I want to change my diet and my workout routine. I want to work on my craft this year and just make myself a better person, who is prepared for an upcoming project. And I know if I’m better, the opportunities will come to me,” she adds.

So what’s the first word/thing that comes to your mind when you are asked to complete, ‘In 2023 I would like to do ……’? And, Sankshi replies, “Like I said before, in 2023 I would like to just prepare myself more for the upcoming opportunities, make myself a better person, focus on my craft. My mental health is also very important. Social media is very important but with limitations. So put a time frame on how much social media is supposed to be consumed, decide how much time I need to give to my workout, body, mental health and other things. So, a proper balance of work and personal life.”