Sakshi Dwivedi: I wish the audience could understand the reality of the lives of celebrities

Actress Sakshi Dwivedi says that it is very important for people to understand that celebrities also go through a lot in their lives. People love to follow celebrities on social media, and their posts must be reflective of their true lives, she says.

“I wish the audience could understand these perspectives and the reality of the lives of celebrities and how much they go through. Everybody’s in a competition but when you’re a celebrity, it becomes quite difficult to face everyone with so many judgements coming your way. This world needs nicer people so that they do bring positivity in other’s lives. It’s not easy to handle this pressure in this industry. As an actor, you’ve to manage everything. Finding work, balancing personal and professional life which adds pressure in life. Nobody would teach you, you have to make peace with it and let it go,” she says.

In the entertainment industry it is said dikhta hai toh bikta hai, and Sakhi says his statement is 200% true. She adds, “No matter how good you’re at any skill, if you are not able to sell your skill in the market, it’s of no use. If you have good marketing skills, you are going to be at the top. So, this does add pressure because there’s a lot of competition and everyone is busy selling themselves.”

Social media has changed the game for so many, but posts require effort, says Sakshi. “Now that social media is such a huge platform and everybody is putting everything in social media so audiences also have a lot of options. They have a short temperament. I don’t think that everybody wants to know everything about everyone until and unless you like him/her or it’s a controversy. Otherwise, they wouldn’t care,” she says.

There are actors who are shining for their talent and don’t care much about their social media game, says Sakshi, adding, “There are so many actors who are working way too much than a lot of people who have just been showing off and not actually focusing on themselves. Like Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Sanjay Sharma, Pankaj Tripathi. They are not that active on social media but they have focused on their talent. They are not much visible but they are much happier and not under much pressure.”

Meanwhile, talking about what success means to her, she says, “There is no limit for success or there is no parameter which measures how much success is too much. Success is when you achieve your ambitions without hampering your mental health and living your life happily. People run behind success, forgetting about their mental health. I was at a point of losing myself in this race, but after a point, I understood the whole process and then took it step by step.”