Sara Ali Khan celebrated her Birthday at Ditas Mumbai

Sara Ali Khan recently celebrated her birthday witha few friends at the launch of Ditas Restro& Bar in Mumbai.  Also spotted at the Ditas launchwere Niketan Madhok, Namrata Purohit, NishaJamwal, Harry Singh, Kailash & Arti Surendranath along with many others.

From Delhi to Mumbai Ditas has made its way.Ditas restro& bar is built to perfection and is sure to enhance your dining experience. Here you will enjoy a burst of international flavor from Spain, the Mediterranean, and the European menu.
Ditas restaurant is a hybrid restaurant where it is a restaurant during the day and a plush bar at night. Transport yourself to one of Europe’s finest restro-bars as the newest import Ditas opens its doors in Mumbai. Providing an amalgamation of luxury and simplicity in the world of culinary art. Our strengths are opulent ambiance, delectable spread, foot-tapping music, the experience of different regions of Europe with our premier mixologists, and our mouth-watering curated haven of desserts

Ditas, co-founded by Udita and Utsav Khaitan, is an ode to a huge part of their relationship—traveling across the globe! Between traveling the world and creating priceless memories, they discovered their love for food and dreamed of turning their shared passion into something more significant – something that everyone could be a part of! This passion and love materialized into what we know as Ditas, Delhi! The restro-bar, a true success story, delivered what it promised—simplicity and luxury in the field of culinary art! Udita holds a diploma in patisserie from the famed “Le Cordon Bleu,” London, and Utsav, a finance whiz and wine enthusiast are now prepared to bring this success to Mumbai!

Under the leadership of Ayush Gupta, CEO at Ditas who is intrigued by unusual combinations and loves being challenged with new and exciting offerings. He has
set his sights on bringing Ditas to the global theatre by opening its first international outlet in San Francisco in November 2022.
Soak in the authentic opulent ambiance indulge in the delectable spread and set out on a food journey like never before with the magic of DITAS.

It won’t be long before Ditas will be your favorite spot in the city!