Sargun Mehta shares her experience of working in Cuttputli starring Akshay Kumar and Rakul Preet Singh

Actress Sargun Mehta, who has already established herself in the Punjab film industry, will be soon seen in a Hindi film titled Cuttputli along with Akshay Kumar, Rakul Preet Singh, Chandrachur Singh. Directed by Ranjit Tiwari this will be Sargun’s OTT debut. So what made you choose this film as your OTTdebut?
Sargun says,”I am very excited to start my OTT innings and doing something in Hindi after a long hiatus of seven years. There’s a huge audience for thrillers which is why I wanted to do a different and strong character. I am hopeful about the final outcome and now waiting for the audience’s reaction.” Throwing more light on the role she says,”It is a very powerful role; I was really tense because I had to do scenes with Akshay Kumar. He already has a strong presence in my mind as I have been watching him for so long. There are times in the films that I have to overpower him in terms of telling him what to do and what not to do. I’d mentally prepared myself to forget it’s him and do my shot accordingly. I am playing a cop for the first time. People usually rehearse their roles or watch others’ performances if the same role has been done earlier, but I didn’t do that because I wanted to do it the Sargun way.” So according to you what makes Cuttputlli stand out as a murder mystery?
She explains,” When I heard the script I myself couldn’t guess who the killer is and I feel this is how a good mystery works. You keep guessing and think where this film is going to take you and later it took me to a completely new direction which I feel was quite impressive.” So what’s the special thing which you have learnt from superstar Akshay Kumar?
“It was super amazing to meet Akshay Kumar in person. The first day I met him I was too quiet so he used to tell me ‘tu bolti nahi hai kya’? and I was thinking how am I supposed to tell him that I am so scared? I must say he makes his co-actors feel so comfortable and is very easy to work with. Even on the sets while shooting he will make everything comfortable for you. He is very appreciative, and always gives a free hand at improving. Also, one amazing thing about shooting with him is it’s his habit that the whole team has to have dinner together so that the bond within the team is strong.” September is a big month for Sargun. After Cuttputli, her Punjabi film Moh is releasing on 16th September worldwide. The trailer has already got an amazing response.