Sasural Simar Ka 2 written update 24 April 2022 weekly

Last week, Aarav tells Simar that he came here to say something which he hasn’t said yet. He told Simar that he failed to believe her but promise next time he won’t do it again. Aarav cuts his finger and applies blood on Siamar’s forehead as vermilion. Simar tells Yamini that God fixed everything in her life. Samar tells Simar not to forget she came here for some professional work. He says this time she shouldn’t go away. Aarav gives a surprise to Simar with ring which she threw into the river. They spend a good time with each other cracking jokes. Suddenly a girl came there and hugged Aarav. Simar was little confused. Chitra thought what’s this new twist.

Aarav recognize that girl. She tells Aarav that she came here to meet him by god’s grace. Aarav asked what she is doing here? She tells Aarav that he went off from her life so quickly. Aarav say leave all this meet Simar my girlfriend. She tells Simar that she is Aarav’s best friend and she was there with him in America. Sandhya gave all the responsibility to Vivan and Reema. Reema was trying to make Vivan happy. Later she was thinking about why Sandy didn’t called her. Gajander was happy as Simar was coming back. She thought of helping in the kitchen. Gitanjali Devi came there and tells Gajander not to get confused between sugar and salt.

Sandhya was making rangoli for Siamar’s welcome. Gajander says it feels like any festival is getting celebrated. Sandhya says after their arrival this family would be completed. Aarav’s car came across Samar’s car at a Dhaba. They both came out and stood in front of each other. Samar tells Simar that she left her slippers behind. Simar thanked and said it was of no use. Dhami whispers what’s cooking between them. Chitra says welcome to the twisted relationship of Oslwal’s. Sandhya told Simar to promise that she won’t leave the house anymore. Simar gets emotional seeing Gajander and hugged him. He welcomes Simar into her house. Then Aarav hugged his Dad.

Simar performs the ritual and enters the Oswal house. Dhami hugged Vivan and said she missed him. Reema get’s jealous. Dhami says she is very disappointed as no one knows about her. Dhami tells Vivan to introduce her to everyone. Vivan was taking some time to speak. Simar asks Vivan jf there is anything which she doesn’t know. Reema asks Aditi if she knows Dhami. Aditi said she also doesn’t know about her.

Simar ask Sandhya about Gitanjaali Devi. Suddenly she comes down from the stairs. Simar seeks blessings from her. Gitanjali Devi says she deserves more blessings. Gitanjali Devi said today she is able to see her clearly. Gitanjali Devi said she failed to recognize her. She tells Simar that she was eagerly waiting for her. She tells Simar that she was in a hope that she will surely come back. Gitanjali Devi feels guilty for treating Simar badly. Gitanjali Devi apologies to Sandhya for not understanding value before. Sandhya says not to apologize like this as she doesn’t feel good. Gitanjali Devi accepts Simar as the elder daughter-in-law of Oslwal’s house.

Dhami was talking to someone that how she can let Simar come between them. Aarav came there and scolds her for misbehaving. Dhami says what happened? Aarav says there are some rules which she had to follow. Dhami was getting close to Aarav and trying to touch him. Aarav scolded her for behaving like this. Dhami catches his hand and says he is not behaving properly with her. Simar came there and pushed back Dhami. Dhami calls Simar orthodox. Simar warns her not to cross limits.

Now let’s see what twist Dhami will bring into Oswal’s house.

This was the weekly summary of your favorite show “Sasural Simar Ka 2”.

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