Shaadi Mubarak 20 April 2021 Written Update – How will Preeti save her children?

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti and Kirti tell Mohi that they are so sacred. Mohi embraces them and asks them not to worry. She asks them stay strong. Goon feels that this game is getting more interesting and it will be fun to kill them. Mohi and other her stunned to hear him. Mohi suddenly gets an idea. She thinks to asks Kirti help her in her plan. So she shows Kirti a box of oil and asks her to spread it on the floor. Kirti does the same. And when that goon arrives, he falls and they gets excited that her plan is working. They are about to escape themselves from that place. But another goon hits Mohi on her head. Because of which she loses her senses. Preeti and Kirti asks her to open her eyes.

Kusala and Priyanka are watching the tv and then they notice Preeti. Priyanka wonder how she went there. Kusala tells her that a mother can do anything for the safety of her children. While goon wants to feed something bad to Preeti and Kirti. Mohi opens her eyes. She asks him to leave her daughter. She notices a knife there and thinks to use it. She is trying cut the ropes. Then she frees her hands. And hit that goon. He runs behind her. Preeti play smart and throws a big wooden furniture on him. He winches in pain. Preeti takes the keys and asks Preeti and Kirti to open the door. But that door is not unlocking.

While Mohi beats another goon to protect herself. Mohi hides her children and tries to get help by using her phone. But there is a network problem. And on the other hand their lives are in threat. Goon is searching for Children and Mohi. There, Priyanka gets a massage from Mohi. She gives that number and location to the inspector. Goon is trying to harm Mohi but accidentally harm himself. Mohi falls to the ground and a chair hits her head. She faints. In a while inspector and Kusala arrives there. They gets sacred seeing Mohi in such state. Kusala asks Mohi to open her eyes. Kirti and Preeti arrive there too and asks Mohi to wake up. Preeti asks Vishal if her mother will wake up. He says yes. Episode end.

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