Shahbaz Khan talks about his role in Dangal TV’s Jai Hanuman- Sankat Mochan Naam Tiharo!

Getting into the skin of a character totally opposite to how your are is a mark of a great actor. Actor Shahbaz Khan, who plays the role of Bhairav in Dangal TV’s Jai Hanuman- Sankat Mochan Naam Tiharo, is one such example of this.

“I was offered this role by Dangal TV and I found the character very interesting. I had never played a character of Bhairav Nath before. I was very excited and I’m happy I did this because there is a lot of appreciation for my get up and for the performance. I hope the channel likes it too,” he says, adding, “I don’t relate to the character as I’m not an aghori or a tantrik. I have read about tantriks and seen their interviews so I know how they talk and behave.”

Talking about mythological shows, the actor says that he has always loved doing them. “I have been doing this since many years now. I started doing mythological shows in 1991 with- The Sword of Tipu Sultan, then Chandrakanta, Yug, Betaal Pachisi and Maharana Pratap. All my historic serials have been blockbusters. I know it’s very taxing to the mind and body and is also time consuming but the kind of satisfaction I get as an actor by playing such roles is immense.”

Meanwhile, the actor says that being part of the industry has taught him a lot. “My two learnings from the entertainment industry is to never get carried away with fame and glamour. Just stay on the ground as much as possible and work hard and be punctual as you can. The moment you get carried away you are finished,” he says.

He adds, “There is a lot of competition on TV today but it’s a healthy competition. There are no politics involved. The channel decides who will play the character and who can deliver well. Right people are getting the right roles which makes me happy. There is so much happening on TV. There is work for everyone, so just be ready to work hard.”

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