Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki written update 2 August 2021 Balwinder tries to gain Harman’s trust

At the beginning of the episode, Heer comes with Geetu. Everyone gets shocked seeing Geetu’s condition. Sant asks what happened to Geetu. Heer informs them that Daljeet is responsible for Geetu’s condition. Everyone gets shocked. She is telling them that Daljeet harassed her. Daljeet denies this and tells that he was with Gurminder. Gurminder also says yes and informs that she had dizziness in the market and Daljeet took her to the hospital too.

Heer explains but still wrong has happened with Geetu so they have to get her medical checkup done. Parmeet does not agree with this. Heer still wants to support Geetu. She tells Virat that if he doesn’t want to accompany her, then she won’t mind. But Virat wants to support Heer. Because he is confident that Heer will not allow anything wrong to happen to anyone. Further, He is about to go to the hospital with Heer.

Parmeet stops them. She wants to know from Heer whether she is sure that Geetu is telling the truth. Because Geetu can also have an affair with a servant. Heer asks her if she has any proof to prove her point. Parmeet does not say anything on this. Daljeet alleges that Geetu is doing all this for money. Geetu denies this and adds that she should not lie to Heer that day. Heer asks her what happened that day.

Here Balwinder thinks that Ravi and Saumya are very close to each other so he can gain Soumya’s trust with the help of Harman. So he tampers with the account and tells Harman that he has found that none of the entries in the account are matching. Harman believes him and assigns him the task of handling the account. Balwinder gets happy.

Here Geetu tells that that day also Daljeet tried to harass her and she slapped him. Heer says that she should have told her the whole truth on the same day. Daljeet adds that she has just made up this story. He tells Geetu why is she doing all this to him. He starts crying in front of her. Which irritates Geetu.

Geetu asks him to stop his drama as he had done the same drama in front of her that day too and she forgave him. Daljeet tries to convince Parmeet not to believe her. Heer gets sad because Geetu has hidden such a big thing. She hugs her. Virat consoles Heer and Geetu. Daljeet looks on.

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