Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki written update 30 July 2021 Gitu is in danger

At the beginning of the episode, Heer and Virat apologize to Guru and promise him that they will not lie to him. Guru forgives him on the condition that they will not lie to him in future. Here Balwinder comes to the factory with Harman. Harman advises him not to break his trust. Balwinder asserts yes. He laughs strangely ahead. On the other hand, Daljit is preparing for the party. He asks Gurminder whether she has ordered all the items.

She says yes. He quips about the cake. When she forgets about the cake, Daljit scolds her. Geetu gets shocked seeing this. Heer and Virat come there. Heer sees Gurminder looking upset. She wants to know if everything is fine. Gurminder lies that she is fine. Daljit tells them that he is doing all this to apologize to his parents. Virat appreciates this.

Soumya brings food for Harman. Harman and Soumya also ask Balwinder to have lunch with them. But he refuses. He adds that he is a servant so he will eat with the servants only. He further adds that all he needs is a chance and then he will turn from servant to master.

Heer gives Geetu a dress as a gift. Geetu gets happy after getting it. Heer explains to her that she is also her family so she has brought this for her. Geetu smiles and praises her choice. Heer informs her that she is going to market with Virat so she should do all the work soon. Geetu says yes.

Balwinder calls Ravi and tries to instigate her against Saumya. But he does not know how to succeed in his plan as Ravi supports Soumya only. Balwinder thinks that he has to hatch some other conspiracy. There, Heer calls Geetu and asks if she has done all the work.

Geetu tells that she is going to the storeroom to decorate the pot. Just then Geetu cries immediately. Heer gets nervous and asks Virat to go home as soon as possible. They come home and go to the store. They are shocked to see Geetu’s condition. Virat brings water for Geetu.

Virat asks her who has done all this. Geetu takes the name of Daljit. She tells them the whole thing. Virat and Heer are shocked. Then only Sant and Parmeet come. They get happy seeing the decoration of the room. Sant tells Daljit that he didn’t need to do all this. Daljit says that he has given so much pain to them that’s why he has done all this for her. Just then Geetu comes there. They all get shocked seeing Geetu.

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