Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki written update 4 August 2021 Heer supports Geetu

At the beginning of the episode, Saumya wants to talk to Harman about something. She tells Harman that they should not believe Balwinder as Balwinder has done a lot of wrong with this family. Harman tells her not to worry and at the same time adds they should try and give Balwinder a chance. Just then Balwinder comes there and asks Harman to sign the paper. Soumya reads those papers. Everything is well, so Harman signs it.

Later Harman comes to meet Heer at her house. Everyone is surprised to see him. Virat invites Harman to come inside the house. Harman apologizes to everyone as he has come without informing. He informs them that Heer had told them everything. He was worried so he came home. Heer feels that everything will be messed up now. Parmeet will misunderstand her. This is what happens, Parmeet starts scolding Heer. Harman silences her and adds that a daughter can share her plight with her father.

The constable brings reports. Here Balwinder seeks Harak’s blessings. Harak blesses him. He asks Ravi to feed him curd sugar. Ravi does the same. Balwinder promises her that from today onwards she will feel proud of him. Further, he wants to know from Saumya whether she will not wish him. She wishes him and he leaves the house. Here Virat learns that Daljit has no hand in Geetu’s case.

Geetu and Heer are shocked to know this. Daljit thanks Durga Maa. He also scolds Heer as she was the one who blamed him. Geetu adds that this is a lie and the reports are also fake. Daljit asks her to stop her drama. Daljeet remembers how he changed the reports. Parmeet wants Geetu to leave the house. Heer stops her but Sant stops her. Geetu wants to prove her innocence but Gurminder scolds her.

Parmeet is about to make her leave the house. Heer holds her hand. She adds that even if Daljit has not done anything but someone has done wrong to her. Parmeet believes that it is Geetu’s fault. Heer does not agree with her because if a girl laughs and talks to someone, then it is not an invitation for him. Heer tells Parmeet’s thinking wrong. Sant supports Parmeet that Geetu is lying.

Heer tells that whoever has treated Geetu like this has done a lot wrong. Because Geetu’s injuries can be treated but the wounds on her heart cannot be treated. Heer decides that so this case will be taken forward. So that the culprit of Geetu can be punished.

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