Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki written update 5 August 2021 Virat supports Heer.

The episode starts with Parmeet accusing Heer of going against their family for a girl like Geetu. Heer takes Geetu’s side saying that she knows what a good girl Geetu is. Because initially when she wanted to give money to Geetu, she refused to take the money. Also, we should not ignore Daljit’s past as Daljit can tamper with the reports.

She adds that what has happened to Geetu in this house is very bad. So she will support Geetu. Parmeet taunts Virat for getting a wife like Heer. Because Heer wants to destroy their house. Here Balwinder tells in the meeting that now he has got the power of attorney of this company. Therefore, they can also consider him as the owner of this company. Because he is the son-in-law of Harak and son-in-law is also like a son.

Harman raises his voice against Parmeet. He also asks Sant to think about it. But Sant wants him to explain to Heer as it is clear that Daljit is innocent. Parmeet tells Harman not to speak in their case. Harman believes that Heer is the daughter-in-law of this house and his daughter so he can stay here to support Heer. But Heer convinces Harman to go home. Harman understands her point so he leaves from there.

Heer asks Virat if they can go to the police station. Virat agrees to go with Heer. Parmeet stops him. Here Balwinder cracks the deal. Everyone gets happy knowing this. Harman asks him to take care of this project. While Parmeet tells Virat that when it has been proved that Daljit has not done anything then why is he supporting Heer. Virat adds that he has promised Heer that he will get Geetu justice.

He says if Daljit is telling the truth then soon it will be proved. But if he has committed this crime, he will be punished together. Then he leaves the house with Heer. Daljit tells Sant that Geetu is trying to trap him as he has not done anything. On the way ahead, Heer meets Saumya and Harman. Soumya feels proud of Heer as Heer is doing good work.

Soumya assures her that she and the entire family are with her so she should never become weak and win this battle. Heer likes to know that Soumya is with her. Harman tells Heer that she should get Geetu justice at any cost. Heer promises that she will do the same. Then they reach the police station. Sant informs the police not to register the FIR. He acts according to him.

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