Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki written update 6 August 2021 Police arrested Daljit

At the beginning of the episode, the police refuse to write Geetu’s report. Heer says that she will also see how long he will stick to his insistence. She goes out with Geetu. Virat follows them. Geetu wants to know what she is going to do now. Heer informs that police do not know the strength of the student yet. So she will show them their power. She calls Guru and asks for his help. Police call Sant and tell him that he has not written the reports. Sant feels good and smiles.

Then Heer and Virat come there. The inspector hangs up the phone. Heer asks them to write the FIR in time. Then other students also come there. They ask him to write the report or else things may get worse. Sant’s call comes. Inspector tells him that he has to write an FIR. Sant gets disappointed. He tells Parmeet that everything is over as Virat and Heer reach the police station with the students.

Geetu feels good knowing that Heer is supporting her so much. Heer tells her that she will never leave her side. Here Parmeet forgets to tell everyone that the party is canceled. And the guests arrive. They congratulate Parmeet and Sant. Here Balwinder reveals his plan as to how he gained the Power of Attorney.

He was laughing out loud. Just then Saumya comes there and asks him why is he laughing. He lies that he enjoys cracking the deal so he was laughing. Soumya advises him not to break their trust. On the other hand, Heer goes to Sant’s house with the police. Parmeet tries to stop them.

But Heer tells the police to start the proceedings at the earliest. The police go inside. He shows Sant the arrest warrant against Daljit. Everyone is shocked to know about Daljit’s actions. They leave from there. Daljit asks his father to help him. Sant tells him not to worry as he has not done anything. Daljit looks on.

He assures him that he will not let anything happen to Daljit. The police are taking Daljit away. Gurminder asks Parmeet to do something. But nobody knows to do anything. Virat and Heer are looking at Daljit. The police arrest Daljit and take him from the house. Parmeet’s eyes become moist.

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