Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki written update 8 August 2021 weekly

This week we saw that Heer tells everyone that Daljit molested Geetu. Daljit denies this and tells that he was with Gurminder. Gurminder also says yes and informs that she had dizziness in the market and Daljeet took her to the hospital too. Heer explains but still wrong has happened with Geetu so they have to get her medical checkup done. Parmeet does not agree with this. Heer still wants to support Geetu. She tells Virat that if he doesn’t want to accompany her, then she won’t mind. But Virat wants to support Heer. Because he is confident that Heer will not allow anything wrong to happen to anyone. Further, He is about to go to the hospital with Heer. Parmeet tries to stop them but they still leave.

Here Balwinder thinks that Ravi and Saumya are very close to each other so he can gain Soumya’s trust with the help of Harman. So he tampers with the account and tells Harman that he has found that none of the entries in the account is matching. Harman believes him and assigns him the task of handling the account. Balwinder gets happy.

Daljit and Sant come for a checkup. Daljit goes to the cabin. The nurse also takes Geetu inside for a checkup. Heer remembers how Geetu was happy but how everything has gone wrong with her. Virat brings water for Heer. Heer thanks Virat as he is with her. Virat explains to her that he will always be with her as she always supports the truth. Heer us feeling pathetic that so much went wrong with Geetu. Virat consoles her. Later Heer tells Harman and Soumya about Geetu. They get sad after knowing it.

Later Harman comes to meet Heer at her house. Everyone is surprised to see him. Virat invites Harman to come inside the house. Harman apologizes to everyone as he has come without informing. He informs them that Heer had told them everything. He was worried so he came home. Heer feels that everything will be messed up now. Parmeet will misunderstand her. This is what happens, Parmeet starts scolding Heer. Harman silences her and adds that a daughter can share her plight with her father. The constable brings reports. In which it is proven that Daljit did nothing. Daljit recalls how he played with the reports. Heer still wants a strong clarification thus she wants to file a complaint against Daljit.

However, the police refuse to write Geetu’s report. Heer says that she will also see how long he will stick to his insistence. She goes out with Geetu. Virat follows them. Geetu wants to know what she is going to do now. Heer informs that police does not know the strength of the student yet. So she will show them their power. She calls Guru and asks for his help. Police call Sant and tell him that he has not written the reports. Sant feels good and smiles.

Then Heer and Virat come there. The inspector hangs up the phone. Heer asks them to write the FIR in time. Then other students also come there. They ask him to write the report or else things may get worse. Sant’s call comes. Inspector tells him that he has to write an FIR. Sant gets disappointed. He tells Parmeet that everything is over as Virat and Heer reach the police station with the students. After this, Inspector writes the FIR. They then reach Sant’s house to imprison Daljit. While Balwinder smartly gets the Power Of Attorney.

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