Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki written update 9 August 2021 Kitu apologises to Virat

At the beginning of the episode, Heer comes home with Kitu and Virat. Parmeet asks them to stop. She doesn’t want Kitu to stay in her house. Heer wants to know where will she go if she doesn’t stay here. Parmeet has nothing to do with this. She is sad as because of Kitu, Daljit is in jail. She starts scolding her. Virat asks her to stay calm. He adds that Daljit’s innocence has not been proved yet. Parmeet says that even his brother has not been proved guilty yet.

Parmeet shouts and asks Kitu to leave her house. She is about to leave but Heer stops her. She thinks she should accompany Kitu to Harak’s house. But Virat wants that she and Kitu should stay in this house and till tomorrow he will make arrangements for Kitu’s stay. Parmeet gets disappointed. Gurminder gets angry as her husband is in jail because of Kitu while she herself is going to live comfortably in this house. She asks Parmeet to do something. Parmeet looks on.

Harak and Preeto are sitting at the breakfast table. Preeto asks where is Balwinder. Ravi then tells her happily that Balwinder is doing a lot of work these days. At the same time, the accountant comes there. He informs Harman that he hasn’t messed with the accounts. He also gives proof of this. Further Balwinder calls Soumya. He informs her that in an hour she will know everything. Soumya stands shocked.

Virat comes to Heer. He asks her why has she called him to the police station. Heer tells that she has no evidence against Daljit. So they have to do something. Only then Virat sees that Daljit has been released as no evidence has been found against him. Daljit asks Virat to believe him. He leaves from there saying this. Then Kitu sees her father. Here Saumya gets a chopped piece of power of attorney.

He feels that Balwinder must have messed with these papers. But she hugs her father. He pushes her. He curses her because she cheats people by telling false stories. He asks Kitu to apologize. Kitu feels that her father is in trouble so she wants to withdraw the case. She apologizes to Virat and Heer. Virat gets angry because Kitu lied to him.

Virat scolds her because her family has been defamed because of her. Heer is shocked. She doesn’t believe that she can do something like this. But she leaves from there. Heer tells Virat that but she cannot lie. She calls this thing strange because Kitu’s father did not even know anything about all these things. Virat asks her to shut up.

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