Sharad Malhotra reveals his current favourite track

Vidrohi actor Sharad Malhotra has been part of various music videos, and says Door Ho Haya is his favourite track right now.

His first music video was for a track called Paas Baitho na. “It was made six years ago. It was a very beautiful track and I loved it. Considering it was my first music video, it will always be special,” he said.

He also featured in Bepanah Pyaar and Bepanah Ishq. “Then I did Halo Re Halo which was the number one Navratri track. It was sung by Mika Singh and Payal Dev. That’s one of my favorite Dandiya tracks. And speaking about Bepanah Pyaar and Bepanah Ishq, both the tracks did extremely well,” he said.

His most recent track is Door Ho Gaya. “It is my favourite track right now. If you have seen the video, it’s something that people are loving a lot. It’s based on 2 events, a Pakistani artist and an Indian artist falling in love. I think concept-wise it’s brilliant. It’s shot brilliantly. Akhil is a brilliant one, I think he is the best singer in the country. The entire package is so beautiful.

“I have been getting so many messages from people saying that ‘we love the track’. Somebody loved the concept and some loved the video or the chemistry of music. So everyone has got one thing they liked in the video. I think overall it has got a great response. I don’t need to promote the track.”