Shubh Laabh actor Rahul Singh: Don’t think it has become easy for newcomers because many OTT platforms have come up

It is often seen that TV actors are looked down upon when compared with their Bollywood counterparts. But there is no such discrimination in OTT. The platform is open to all and does not judge anyone on the basis of the medium they are coming from. Shubh Laabh actor Rahul Singh shares his opinion on the whole issue.

“ We still have categorisation. The face that becomes popular on television, they have troubles,” he says

There are many platforms churning a plethora of content, making it easier for newcomers to pursue their acting dreams. However, Rahul has a different opinion.

“I don’t think it has become easy for newcomers because many platforms have come up. Competition is still there and the struggle has become two-folds. Definitely good and raw actors are getting the chance and those who are creative too are getting opportunities, still it’s not easy to make your mark here,” he adds.

On how the younger lot of actors are different from the seasoned ones, Rahul says, “The new age actors are a complete package. They are not just actors but are also into dancing, fitness and are more into social media, compared to the senior actors. However, seasoned actors are more disciplined and have more experience any day.”

Many have opined that the OTT boom has led to the evolution of content on television. “The changes that should have come in the TV content have not come yet. We have been seeing the same thing for many years. And, the same is going on even today, yes we have started to see a little change in the treatment and performance, which has become more natural now,” he adds.

Audience these days appreciates relatable content. “Viewers approach towards watching movies have changed and the biggest reason is that there is emotion among people in general. That’s why people have started liking realistic content and it has become a habit. However, it is not possible to show reality as it is or else the cinematic value will get lost in the process. So there needs to be a balance. But, this is also true that realistic content is necessary to make people aware of their surroundings,” he ends.