Singer Megha Kishore shares her Navratri connection and what she likes about this festival

After two years it’s a happy time for singer Megha Kishore, who has been busy this Navratri. Speaking about that Megha says, “I am very excited as I am busy doing live shows and events. I missed performing in pandemic and now since I have got the chance I won’t miss it. I want to make my audience dance to Navratri songs.” Speaking further on the effect of pandemic on the festivals she says, “It was not just for me but for every person who was working. The life of artists is very beautiful because you travel and meet a lot of people and that’s what you miss. When you perform for your audience, you feel so alive and that’s what I have missed. During the pandemic, the devotional songs which I used to sing, connected god with the audience in some way. That I have missed terribly. I belong to a family of musical artists so most of my time used to go in learning music and practising. That’s how I dealt with the lockdown. I have utilised the time and learnt many things.”

Navratri is a huge opportunity for the singers/ actors. How has this festival changed your life as an artist?
She says, “Navratri is a huge opportunity and I feel extra connected to it because I started my singing career in navratri in 2017 by singing in a devotional event. I fast on Navratri and my parents since the beginning have been doing Mata Rani Jagran shows. I have seen them performing since I was a kid. In our home, we decorate the temple and there is Mata Rani bhajan playing throughout. It gives such a positive vibe. These days are special. When I look back, my fondest memory of Navratri is that my career started in Navratri itself in 2017. I perform devotional songs and do Mata Rani Ki Chowki. I feel very connected to the navratri festival and I wish to continue that for the rest of my life because whatever I am today it’s all because of Mata Rani and I would love to sing for god for the rest of my life.”